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SCI with myelomalacia

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  • SCI with myelomalacia

    Dear Dr. Young,

    I know myelomalacia is nothing new in SCI's. Is it normal to manifest after 8 yrs. post injury? (I am now 51).

    Briefly: in "01" I suffered a C3-4 incomplete injury in auto accident. I was classified as a quad at the time. After 2 yrs of rehab, I walked out of rehab carrying a cane. I noticed some slight neuro. changes in "08" but an MRI revealed nothing new from the "01" MRI. Things progressively got worse until walking is now all but impossible and my "11" MRI diagnosed Myelomalacia.

    Left untreated, is paralysis inevitable? If I may ask one more thing, What are your views on an experimental treatment for this condition involving Cold laser therapy followed by infussion of HBOT 3X/week for 6 weeks?
    Everything I've read, both vetrinary and human shows success using cold laser. The entire treatment was a brainstorm between myself & my Dr's.

    Any opinion?