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Who is the cure for?

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    Originally posted by Donnie View Post
    First off, for the record I believe in a cure, but don't want to be overly optimistic, it will take time and a lot of money. I've been injured for approx 3 yrs and in that "short" amount of time I've obviously learned more than you considering that you believe SCI cure is something relevant to polio, penicillin, etc... It's more complex and going to take more than one drug to cure or help and night going to happen overnight.. Ex: Intensive rehab + stem cells + some growth factors(prob more complex than that, but that's where it stands for now)

    Limb (Leif I think),

    I thought you knew more about this, but apparently you've been misinformed.
    Dr. Xiao is well known internationally for his distinguished achievements in Neurourology. He is a internationally respected academic surgeon and scientist, his scientific achievements in the recovery (spinal cord injury patients) bladder and bowel function in nerve regeneration studies.

    I'm sure Dr. young will attest that Dr. Xiao is more than familiar with the spinal cord and seen more of it than most spine surgeons. I'm not defending what he has been accused of, rather that he is someone that has done great things for the SCI community and brought some results as far as functional improvement(not for everyone). His accreditations speak for themselves...
    Okay, buy stocks then lazy butt.


      Originally posted by lynnifer View Post
      Are you sure re Xiao and nerve regeneration? All he did was hook up two nerves via surgery and from the research I read, ...
      Try sending a q on this to the Danish national hospital, and see what answer you will get? You will get ..................... (not morse code, but nada).


        Originally posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
        As far as I am concerned, the cure is for everyone - no matter how long you have been injured.
        What cure?


          Originally posted by mamadavid View Post
          Thanks Leif. Where and why is Dr Xiao in prison? What was his proposed treatment for bb?
          Hi. I don’t have enough info on this nor do I want to be a part of this. But rumors say Xiao was put behind bars, and if so I don’t see any uproar on this, cause if false we could have the UN, NATO and the US on our side and bomb his enemies. -It doesn’t look like we have to do this.


            Originally posted by dan_nc View Post
            What cure?
            Yeah, what cure are you referring to? The cure of pain?

            Now that I'd go for more that a 'cure' for paralysis.

            Living in a chair is easy!

            It is the pain that is keeping me from a decent life!
            Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................