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  • Recovery

    My son has t9 injury and there are that I don't understand. Last night he was on bike I was turning the pedals then told him to try he got them 3/4 around by himself.When tranfer to bed his feet are on floor he can pull both legs up on bed. Are these sights of recovery or does everybody do these like this. He also has very good feeling to the point of he can feel you touching hairs on legs.
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    Is he actually contracting his leg muscles at will? When you say "pull his legs up on the bed" do you mean using torso/leg muscles or his hands? If he's using his legs then that is truly a sign of recovery along with the sensation. I'd suggest a lot of rehab to maxmize gains and potentially also try biofeedback therapy.

    How long since injury? At about 1.5 to 2 yrs post injury he could also try 4-AP. This drug could possibly help him realize even more function.

    Congratulations on whatever return of function your son gets!

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      i agree with jeffro

      also, if one group of muscles is not working. you can use another group to do same task.


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        Jeff He is using his legs. When you say rehab it seems to me they want to teach to live in w/c. Injury was 9/15/01.
        "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion." — Abraham Lincoln


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          Your son had a T9 injury on 9/15/01. This means that he is less than 5 months after injury. For him to have touch sensation to the point that he can feel you touching the hairs on his legs at this time is indeed a very good sign. The fact that he can turn the pedals three quarters of the way indicates to me that he has at least his quadriceps. The fact that he can pull his legs up (I presume voluntarily) when being transferred means that he has hip flexors. These means that he has recovered at least L3/4, may be more. For a person with supposedly "complete" spinal cord injury, this is quite a lot of recovery. To me, these are very positive signs. I think his doctors and therapists should be pleasantly surprised. There should more recovery to come. Wise.


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            Your son's leg movement

            The leg movement your son is having sounds very encouraging. Does he have burning sensations and/or what he might describe as electrical impluses shooting through his legs?

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