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Statement on SCI regenerative research

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  • Statement on SCI regenerative research

    ESCIF - -,,news&showNews=NEWSZGXAFT6282011151915 -

    I think this is good, now we have individuals and European countries having another tool in their toolbox to promote this.

    None excuses for any individual or any country to not produce.


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    This is a very important statement which I hope will provide a catalyst for progress of research in Europe. Well done to ESCIF.

    Now it is important for this vision to filter down to the national spinal injuries associations that now need to consider the additional of supporting SCI Regenerative Research to their scope.


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      I think I may detect a subtle shift of emphasis in the UK SIA. I hope find out more in the near future.
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        Good job, your voice is being heard, keep at it.

        We need to there and here get the powers that be to change the funding formula and priority to more direction towards clinical trials.

        the truth is researchers do basic over trials because the trials are hard and expensive

        the pipeline of potential treatments is to long already.

        over here this message needs to go to N.I.H

        2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member

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