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Paraplegic move legs after stem cell procedure- Brazilian Center of Cell Theraphy

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    Can any one get the info that how many lumbar spinal injury patients have been enrolled to treat with this procedure in this phase1 study?

    If all lumbar patients get some recovery then this is sure breakthrough for lower injuries i guess. Some one keep updated if can.


      This was in the article above.
      Interested applicants can send an email to the researchers (


        They only take Brazilian citizens. Trust me, I've checked. What I find interesting in the article, is that they state "scar tissue" is surgically removed. I believe Dr. Young stated at one point that removing "scar tissue" from the spine is of no benefit. I wonder if they saw that it made a difference when they were still working on animal models.


          No news from Brazil. I guess not many brazil members here to share something with us about this ongoing trial.

          Is any one from CC in contact with doctors at Sao Rafael hospital to get updates about their trial?


            Since the last time, I have not heard any news about this clinic trial. But I will contact them to see if they have any news.


              Thank you marcus.

              You are only one to keep us updated about this trial.


                are they saying the cells were transplanted in april of 2011? and that article is from june? so in 2 months a paraplegic that has been a complete injury for 9 years is able to move his legs already?


                  Barrington we have no news from Brazil about this trial. Only Marcus is from Brazil so just waiting when he gives some news. I just hope they are very true and give some good results.


                    I already sent a message last week asking about news. But until now no response. I will send another email today.


                      I received the answer from the research team and was told me that they will delivery more partial details about current clinic trial only in 6 months (counting from now).


                        Ok dear Marcus we can wait 6 months and pray that results are very encouraging for us.


                          This video was broadcasted in 22/10/2011, or 3 days ago, by Globo News.

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                            Dear Marcus can u translate this video in English? I am unable to understand dear.

                            I hope trial going very well with some good results.

                            Is this first patient or not?

                            Hope u keep updated through ur good offices dear


                              Jawaid, here the link to the text in Portuguese:


                              Bing Translator:

                              Stem cell research may return movements to paraplegics
                              Technique pioneered in the country was developed by scientists at the laboratory in Osvaldo Cruz Foundation hospital San Rafael, in Salvador, where is one of the most advanced cell therapy centres of Latin America.

                              A year ago, the national newspaper showed initial testing with stem cells for return movements to paraplegics, in Salvador. A medical survey of Cellular Therapy Center Hospital San Rafael, in partnership with the Fiocruz. Now, you will see the first results.

                              Each step is a victory, a feat for those who couldn't stay upright. Mauritius, a major of the military police of 47 years, fell from a roof and has spent the last nine years without any movement from the waist down.

                              "I gave the step and felt weird because they were nine years without walking and realize that I was able to do this on my own legs. So, it was a very good feeling, "account.

                              According to doctors, which made possible all this advancement, this whole change in the life of Maurice, was a stem cell transplant performed in Salvador. The surgery was six months ago, the result of five years of research.

                              Doctors withdrew from hip bone patient's own mesenchymal stem cells, which have great ability to transform into various types of fabric, and pumped directly into the location where the column was reached.

                              The technique pioneered in the country was developed by scientists at the laboratory in Osvaldo Cruz Foundation hospital San Rafael, in Salvador, where is one of the most advanced cell therapy centres of Latin America.

                              Two months after surgery, Maurício player already on the legs and pedaled up in sessions of physiotherapy. Doctors still don't know if he and the other 19 patients who will undergo the same treatment will come back to walk normally, but already celebrate the results.

                              "To know that we got an answer that with commands, is very rewarding, and not only that, know that this is only a tip of the iceberg, that, with positive results, we can extend this technique to a larger number of patients in the future, in addition to continue researching ways to improve it," says the neurosurgeon Marcus Vinícius Mendonça.


                                After ask them if the patient steps is a volunteer moviment or some kind of inercial moviment, or impulse, one researcher of the clinical trial team told me by email that he has showing quadriceps contraction.