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    Hand function

    I've searched the forums for information but didn't find what I was looking for.

    What is required for quads to regain hand / finger control, dexterity?

    Is it possible that I could potentially walk before I regained digital function?

    It seems that after reading some of the research that this is a possibility? What's the most likely realistic scenario?


    Just speaking from personal experience, I was able to walk before my hand and finger dexterity returned. At this point my right hand works fine but my left is still a bit slow.

    Hope that helps some...



      Much of course depends on your level of injury. In general, if regeneration is what is being being done, hand function should recover first in a cervical spinal cord injury because it is closer to the injury site. However, if your motorneurons have been damaged, the degree of recovery may vary.

      In discussions, several people have pointed out the remarkable ability of motoneurons to innervate more than their original muscle. Also, this is the main reason why there is so much interest in stem cells, as a potential source of neurons to replace motoneurons that have been lost.

      Other non-regenerative alternatives that are being practiced right now include:
      • tendon transfer: this involves splitting the tendon an already functioning muscle, so that the muscle can operate two or more parts of your hand.
      • 4-aminopyridine: while this drug is unlikely to bring back function to fingers that cannot move at all, it may improve the strength of muscles that are already moving and the ability of some muscles in the hand to relax. Many people cannot relax that hands fast enough to make rapid movements (such as typing or playing music). It is possible that 4-AP will improve these functions.