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Why spinal injuries are not what we see on TV

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    There really is diversity in how people who are SCI/wheelchair users are portrayed, if you look for it. It's not always suicidal or super-inspiring, though those extremes seem to be the majority, I'll admit.

    The key is to get more people in wheelchairs in TV and movies who are not the focus of the story and who are just a character in the show/movie. I'm not opposed to the person with SCI/disability being the focus, but when they are the focus it is too easy for the writers to fall into the bitter-or-inspirational stereotypes.

    There will never be a consensus among crips though. Some people see the bitter/suicidal cripple in movies/TV and get pissed and say "but that's not me!" while others see super-achiever/inspirational cripple in media and say "but it's not that easy for me!" They're both right, actually, and instead of whining about the kinds of cripple you think you aren't being in the media because you're worried how it will affect how people see you, realize that it's not all about you and encourage and promote diversity of portrayals, not the elimination of portrayals you're afraid make you look bad.