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What spinal cord injury patients can achieve with physical therapy

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    What spinal cord injury patients can achieve with physical therapy

    What spinal cord injury patients can achieve with physical therapy

    Sports injuries and accidents, among other injuries, can cause spinal cord injury. The range of spinal cord injury is broad. Some of these injuries are quite minor and heal well with a limited amount of physical therapy, while others need physical therapy for the rest of their lives.

    As always with physiotherapy, the first step is evaluation. It had formulated a plan which will include specific therapies for the type of injury of the spinal marrow of the patient. Neck injuries may cause quadriplegia, which requires special treatment.

    An important theme in spinal cord injury is the level of damage. If a program of physical therapy does not follow faithfully, the spine will begin to atrophy below the level of the spinal cord injury. The backbone will be reduced and the entire body below this point will be weaker as time passes.

    It is important that patients of spinal cord injury exercise in some way. They are prone to problems of osteoporosis and heart, among other conditions. If there is a total lack of exercise, these still more obvious risk factors.

    Physical therapy for spinal cord injury involves exercise and stimulate the nerves and muscles below the level of damage. This will allow patients with spinal cord injuries to stay in good physical condition where they can. Thus, if a cure, not be too will weaken to benefit from it.


    wow, sounds like this was translated from another language to english. nothing new, though.
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      No it's not new, but how true this is Manouli.
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