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Seisan Kanri from Japan to help cure SCI

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  • Seisan Kanri from Japan to help cure SCI

    I know that these days people's eyes are fixed on the catastrophic earthquake that hit Japan, but today instead of focusing on the problems facing Japan, I would like to talk about the positive things that are coming out of Japan to cure spinal cord injury (SCI).

    Last year there were announcements of some interesting breakthroughs on the research front. First there was a report from Nara Institute of Science and Technology showing success in animal models of SCI using neural stem cells. Also a very promising report from Keio University and their use of iPS cells that got monkeys walking.

    Recently I have been reading some information about Dr. Dezawa Mari at Tohoku University (which is in the area hit by the earthquake) and her work reprogramming neurons from bone marrow cells which could possibly be used to treat lower spinal cord injuries. And just up the road from me at Osaka Medical University, I hear noises about possible clinical trials using OE cells (OEG cells) to cure spinal cord injury.

    But today, these are not the things that I want to focus on even though they are very relevant to curing SCI.

    If you are interested in finding about Seisan Kanri, please see today's blogpost at

    PS. It's long, so I didn't want to post the same thing. Let me know if yer interested?
    Dennis Tesolat

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    Good news but can you plz tell me when all these are starting clinical trials especially Dr Dezawa because i m having lower spinal injury so much interested in Dezawa's work.