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    How's it going. Does anyone have any further information on this? I tried contacting them and never heard back.

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    I would not waste your time. They had me send all my medical data to them. Once they reviewed , they said I was a candidate but would have to pay $ 20,000 up front. Stay away from them. It is a scam.
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      I wonder what the FDA think about this?


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        How did they try and justify charging money for a trial?


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          John and Joe, because $20,000 up front is asked does not make it a scam. Considerably more is paid for luxury motor vehicles. OK you may argue that they work, (or else!).

          This cost does not mean that a clinical trial will go either way. Someone has to pay for the work done; but hey, paying for the privilege of being a live experiment does appear rather a cheek.

          As to the FDA, I view them with caution. They permit drugs like Tramadol to be sold over the counter, and I believe that it has been possible, if not still, to buy antibiotics without prescription. That is the reason we have MRSA etc, whereas these drugs used to be perfectly adequate for killing bugs like this.
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            I also tried contacting them, but nothing.
            Have written a few times and I wondered if they would make me the same offer as they did to Joe.
            I think that they are doing the paid for stuff in a third country and this is how they stay clear of the FDA because it would be out of their jurisdiction.
            I also wanted to know if they had syarted more people or not and when they would be releasing more information.
            Bone marrow is very interesting. Spinal cord society NZ is also considering this.
            If anyone hears about this, it would be interesting to hear.
            Dennis Tesolat

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              I understand your point of view. What I did not like is the fact of gathering much medical information for them in light of becoming a clinical candidate for free. That is what they told me in the beginning. I would be responsible for my own travel and hotels/food etc. The medical portion was supposed to be funded by them. When it came down to the end, they asked for $20,000. That is bullshit. In my eyes they will not cure anyone.


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                I sent them an email on February 11th and back again on the 18th, but with no response !
                Now I understand why ...
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