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Paralyzed bride-to-be trains for wedding march

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  • Paralyzed bride-to-be trains for wedding march

    March 10, 2011

    Paralyzed bride-to-be trains for wedding march
    Canadian car crash victim overcoming injury, plans to "walk" down the aisle -- with some assistance -- at April wedding
    (CBS News)
    After a young Canadian woman survived a terrible car crash a couple of years ago, doctors told her she'd need a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

    She's decided to ignore that prediction.

    Now, Jennifer Darmon's getting married to Mike Belawetz next month - and she's readying herself to walk down the aisle.

    CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller shared the couple's inspirational story.

    Miller observed tat Mike Belawetz doesn't have much rhythm, but his fiancee is making sure he's got all the right moves for their first dance as husband and wife next month.

    Miller asked the couple, "How have the lessons been? Tough?"

    Mike said, "Tough."

    Miller said Belawetz has to be on his toes, because it's a miracle his bride-to-be is even on her feet. Jennifer, 28, is paralyzed from the hips down.

    Two-and-a-half years ago, on the way to the beach, the couple was in a head-on collision. Mike sustained minor injuries, but Jen suffered a life-altering spinal cord injury that left her in a wheelchair.

    Jennifer recalled, "I remember the doctor coming into the hospital room and telling me there would be almost no chance if any that I would ever walk again."