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  • Dr, Lewis K. Clarke. NEUROGENESIS

    Hello Dr. Young,

    Can you please tell me what you think about this treatment or if you've ever heard of Dr. Lewis Clark, please tell me you opinion about

    if anyone else knows or has undergone this treatment of something like please give me your opinion

    Thanks in advance
    keep (rolling) Walking

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    Wow, interesting read. It's refreshing to hear the frustrations of a doctor.

    As for the HGH stuff - I think there is a thread about a HGH study being conducted in Spain for SCI - if my memory recalls correctly.


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      Nothing done so far with HGH in Spain.


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        Originally posted by KIM View Post
        Nothing done so far with HGH in Spain.
        Is that my memory failure or just that the study has been abandoned, not started or delayed?

        Just need to check Im not starting to dream some of this stuff.