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long Davies and collaborators paper

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    long Davies and collaborators paper

    sorry if this was already posted.....
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    I read it. It's essentially replication of Davies 2006 paper in which he used Type 1 Rat Astrocytes, but in his 2010 abstract he used human derived Type 1 Astrocytes in the acute injury model.

    So in summation, it has been a 4 year endeavor to go from a rat to human Type 1 Astrocyte in the acutely injured spinal cord. Davies injury model also has implications since he uses a transection, not a contusion injury model. The transection is not representative of the vast majority of real world human SCI's.

    This tells me he has much work to do verify his human Type 1 Astrocytes will be viable in the contusion setting (which is what most of us have).

    Based on this latest abstract, it would appear there are many more years of research needed to verify whether these Type 1 Astrocytes will benefit chronic injuries.