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Rick Hansen doesn't dream to cure SCI

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    Great post Patrick. I'm all about Care, especially the peer model. And I'm eternally grateful to your generation, as you are to Stan & Doug Mowat's pioneering efforts to make Vancouver spectacularly accessible.

    Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Ya know, I'm getting a little tired of you guys putting down those of us who also care about Care being a prime focus. Do you really think that if a cure were to come tomorrow, which it won't, that you'd be one of the first that they would call to come get it. Hell No. More than likely it will be those who are newly injured and prime candidates.

    If it wasn't for those who got on with life and made life better for you, you would be riding in E&J 57lb chairs or even earlier wooden rear wheel driven chairs. No standing frames, fes bikes, handcycles, better drugs, better surgical techniques, longer and more full lifestyles. Wheelchair sports; forget it.

    C5's and above were usually encouraged to either stay at home or go into extended care facilities. I personally had friends as young as 15 living at Pearson Hosp. a WWII barracks type hosp. languishing away. Thank God that the BC Paraplegic Assoc. showed the world that group home settings and independent living was possible for those with higher injuries.

    We all sat there smug like you do now, with no issues other than sitting down. You have no idea the progress we've made regarding YOU living a better lifestyle because you are so self involved with something that is nowhere near happening yet condescend stuff and people that actually benefits your life now.

    I've known Terry Fox and Rick since they were first injured. We went to rehab together, roomed together as teammates and when they did their runs, I spent years on their behalf as captain of their demo teams speaking and spreading what they thought was possible.

    Rick didn't start out his run for a cure for paralysis. He did it to honor Terry and let others know that to survive devastating challenges we first must get strong and continue on with a Positive Mental Attitude. The quest for a cure of paralysis came later. His primary goal was to help those surviving live a better life thru technology and innovation.

    I'd like a cure for everyone as much as the next guy and have dedicated my life for the betterment of all. Cure is great but if you ain't in shape or if the body is injured more than a "Simple" SCI, you are not going to be qualified to get it. You better have some bucks also cause it's going to be expensive and we all know how readily insurance and welfare is willing to spend their money to "Fix" someone with new experimental technology.

    You don't think Rick is used to a chair? He is and is still searching for a cure, but he knows in the meantime we need technology and care til we reach that goal. So your point of us "Care" only people is kind of well, pointless.


      Originally posted by lynnifer View Post
      Well now I'm intrigued. Are you planning on going after government funds as we have in Canada? No matter - I wish you success!

      (No one's asking for trophies, just a little bit of respect for each other goes a long way).
      Well you know, all potential income is more than welcome, so we'll apply to several institutions (public and private). It all comes down to sales, and I want to sell us as solid as we can so we are giving ourselves a little time to settled.
      Not too long ago we recorded our advertise with very famous people (maybe you know one of them, it's the coach of the FC Barcelona) and we are now into hundreds of differente messes (settling-down work mostly).

      And again, I have no experience at all (i know you are a police dispatcher, i was a police officer before my injury, so you know that i have no freaking idea of being a president of nothing) so I rather be slow than wrong.

      Originally posted by Eileen View Post
      I have read your post, and you went through hell. I went through hell too, and i bet most of us here went through some kind of hell. Do we all have to explain here how respect do we own depending of the hell we went through?

      I think you are very brave and i'm glad you never gave up. And that's what I bet for: never give up. That's why I will be happy at the same time that I'll never give my legs up. And if you do give up eventually on any kind of cure for anyone, i'll be very sad.

      This may sound stupid and someone may think i'm insulting or something, but i'm not: I have an old dog. He has lived for 16 years and his vet says these dogs usually die when they are 14-15, so my dog is already late so to speak. He told me that before he dies, he'll start losing hunger and eventually die. To me there's a huge metaphor here, if you lose hunger you are dead. Stay hungry. Keep others hungry too.

      Originally posted by Jim View Post
      In other words Ox, she has struggled and paved the way for the newly injured like YOU so show some damn respect, it is certainly due.
      She did what she did for herself, because she wanted a better life and she fought for it, which is admirable. So if you are going to translate, do it right.

      (we have huge differences when it comes to define and understand respect, so i'll leave it here)

      Originally posted by woman from Europe View Post
      Oslo is not more or less ok. It is even less ok. I am living in the middle of the city, ten minutes to wheel down to the parade street, the palace and the Goverment building and the parade street is ok but it is impossible to get inside 9 of 10 places there, I talk about shops, restaurants and bars. And I thing the closest HC bathroom must be my home or one of the hotels.
      I'd dare to say that Oslo must be a pain in the ass. Specially for the weather. If you had more tourists (or hold the Olympic games), politic bastards over there would make it more accessible to look nicer in the pictures with their fake smile.

      I invite you to visit my wonderful and overcrowded city.

      Originally posted by Foolish Old View Post
      Oh, I'm not fooled as easily as you seem to believe. You can't shit a shitter and it's hard to fool a fool. Yet it's still a shame that all that money had to be spent for access since it won't be needed for much longer. Scientist have a much better idea of how to halt and reverse aging then they do about repairing the central nervous system.
      If you think so, buy yourself a pair of trainers before they raise expensive.

      Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
      After thinking it over the last few hours I want to respond one more time and then I'm done.

      I agree with you Oxy that it is time for you young guns to take over the next step. We oldsters did our thing of better technology and accessibility; ofcourse more needs to be done but it's a heck of a lot better than it was.

      You have a unique opprotunity to take this to the next level. Most foundations usually have some sort of high profile figure to raise the banner from. Terry Fox, Rick Hansen, MIke Utley, Marc Bunocconti etc; you get the idea. Do it. They all started at the same place you are at now ; They wanted to make a difference and not having an inclination of how to do it or where to start.

      I support you in your endeavors. If there is anything I can do to further your goals, I am there. Meanwhile, I'll continue with the other side of the coin and perhaps the two will get people walking again.

      Personally, it breaks my heart everytime I visit a new injury or meet one here.

      That's all I have to say, I'm done. PMA everyone, keep a Positive Mental Attitude
      I didn't want to do all this at the beginning. I thought going back to callege to finish my engineer degree and so on.
      But i met one guy, he was still in the hospital. He was C2 complete, but he didn't even have an electric wheelchair so I pushed him to his room as i could (he wasn't heavy)... yes, workers were too busy with their lunches.
      I had never met anyone with that kind of injury before, i was like 6 months post. He made me realize at the time that there's people who is really fucked up. Like completely fucked.
      He was mentally strong, but what the hell was he going to do? He was no superman, almost poor.
      I realized that i was being too selfish and i thought that if I were him, i'd kill to be able to make the decision that i made (foundation or career). I didn't need anything else, i had to do this.
      First, for me, because i think some kind of cure is possible within my lifetime. And second (and that's the little push that i needed), because there's so many people that wished to be able to do what i do, that i can't just go home and think about studying my career, playing a videogame and getting drunk every weekend.

      And the more i'm into all this (research, politics and so on) the more fucked up shit i get to see. If you could see through my eyes all the confidential crap we get to see, all the things that are being done completely wrong, all the misunderstandings of very renowed clinicians and researchers, all the corruption... You'd understand why "normal" (pro ramps and other crap) handicapped people pisses me off (and everyone who does work like the on that i do...)

      When i think of myself, i don't have a hurry to get cured. Yes, i wish it was tomorrow but i have no feeling of "come on come on!!". But when i think of the rest of the people that are confined to their beds or whack wheelchairs without the ability to make this decision... hey, there's no time to waste here.
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      Don't ask what clinical trials can do for you, ask what you can do for clinical trials.

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        Originally posted by 0xSquidy View Post

        When i think of myself, i don't have a hurry to get cured. Yes, i wish it was tomorrow but i have no feeling of "come on come on!!". But when i think of the rest of the people that are confined to their beds or whack wheelchairs without the ability to make this decision... hey, there's no time to waste here.
        Yep, there is no time to waste here, I agree. I have a friend vent dependent & others C4.... Who is suppose to help them? I feel the diuty to do that.... maybe it is just my military education that comes out here...

        About this thread it seems to be over as I don't see any usefull dicussion anymore..
        I know it had some results offline which is more then I expected. Thanks to all that have contributed I have learned several things... I hope I am not the only one.

        In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming


          I have learned from Ox's last post that despite his disrespectful comments towards others (including myself) earlier, I have much more respect for Ox now that I see where his motivations come from.

          Have you ever heard the saying mentioned before that you attract more bees with honey, not vinegar? Ox is so intelligent and eloquent in his last post when he's not insulting people!

          Plus, if he's an officer he has to do what I say since I'm the dispatcher.

          Kid! I am kidding! lol

          (Always had respect for you Paolo).
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            I'm always intelligent and all that but sometimes people misinterpret my words, lol

            Thank you lynnifer.
            Don't ask what clinical trials can do for you, ask what you can do for clinical trials.

            Fenexy: Proyecto Volver a Caminar

   (soon in english too)


              Guys, we are all at differnt timeframes of our injuries and have different conditions thereof. We all are looking at treatments differently. We can all understand this. Some of us are still beliving that we may have a chance. It is difficult and agoinizing at any rate. We must keep looking eternally for a treatment or a percieved cure as they will be coming. We are all intelligent to know our present conditions. We all must be respectful to all and allow their dreams to continue. We must as a group folow those researchers and such who are working on these "cures" and hold them accountable for their actions and releses.
              That is our jib for our good and the future of all.

              keeping on


                get a life ox... you use half of your life posting in cc. hahah ;D
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                  your a real attirbute, my firend; keep looking forward.


                    some of us in this thread are fixin things. Great