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"America lives in us" An open letter to terrorists

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    "America lives in us" An open letter to terrorists

    I received this Email

    This was written anonymously..but it says it all..Pass it on..
    > >
    > > An open letter to a terrorist:
    > >
    > > Well, you hit the World Trade Center, but you missed America.

    You hit the Pentagon, but you missed America.

    You used helpless American bodies, to
    > > take out other American bodies, but like a poor marksman, you STILL
    > >
    > > America. Why? Because of something you guys will never understand.
    > > America isn't about a building or two, not about financial centers,
    > > not about military centers, America isn't about a place, America isn't
    > > even about a bunch of bodies. America is about an IDEA. An idea,
    > > that you can go someplace where you can earn as much as you can figure
    > > out how to, live for the most part, like you envisioned living, and
    > > pursue Happiness. (No guarantees that you'll reach it, but you can sure
    > > try!)
    > > Go ahead and whine your terrorist whine, and chant your terrorist
    > > "If you can not see my point, then feel my pain." This concept is
    > > alien to Americans. We live in a country where we don't have to see
    > > your point. But you're free to have one. We don't have to listen to
    > > your speech. But you're free to say one. Don't know where you got the
    > > strange idea that everyone has to agree with you.
    > > There's a spirit that tends to take over people who come to this
    > > country, looking for opportunity, looking for liberty, looking for
    > > freedom. Even if they misuse it.
    > > You guys seem to be incapable of understanding that we don't live in
    > > America, America lives in US! American Spirit is what it's called. And
    > > killing a few thousand of us, or a few million of us, won't change it.
    > >
    > > Most of the time, it's a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of Spirit. Until
    > > we're crossed in a cowardly manner, then it becomes an entirely
    > > different kind of Spirit.
    > > Wait until you see what we do with that Spirit, this time.
    > >
    > > Sleep tight, if you can. We're coming
    We're coming