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Working 2 Walk 2010-Phoenix, AZ-Coming Soon!!!

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    Working 2 Walk 2010-Phoenix, AZ-Coming Soon!!!

    Working 2 Walk Conference 2010 in Phoenix, AZ is right around the corner ( Hosted and organized by volunteer SCI/paralysis survivors, their families and friends for SCI/paralysis survivors, their families, friends, and others. A very unique event.

    An amazing opportunity to meet new friends and talk about important issues--updates on the research front and what you can do today to improve and maintain your health while living with paralysis. Plus have a lot of fun in the process.


    GERON - Ed Wirth, Associate Medical Director, will present the latest information on the just-launched clinical trial using its hESC -based therapy in spinal cord injury patients

    INVIVO THERAPEUTICS - Frank Reynolds, CEO and himself a spinal cord injury survivor, will discuss his company's novel technology for delivering stem cells to the spinal cord

    SCINET CHINA & USA - Dr. Wise Young will discuss the study of umbilical cord blood cells and lithium in the treatment of chronic spinal cord injury.

    That's not all. Drs. Stephen Davies & Philip Horner will present results from some exciting studies in their labs. We'll have breakout sessions that feature the latest in real-time complementary therapies, including:

    Adaptive Yoga with Jo Zukovich. When Jo came to W2W in Washington a couple years ago, the participants LOVED this session. Truly an extraordinary opportunity

    Nutritional Consideratons in Chronic SCi with Susan Testa. Susan is a nationally recognized expert on this subject and will address an often overlooked but very important consideration for all those living with a spinal cord injury

    Functional Outcomes through Activity Based Restorative Therapies (ABRT). Dr. Cathy Larson will share data from her work at CSCIR and discuss the benefits of an intense physical therapy program.

    Developing a home-based ABRT Program with Dr. John McDonald. One of the first proponents of intensive exercise for treating spinal cord injuries, Dr. McDonald will lead a discussion on developing your own home-based, individualized ABRT program.

    And there's more. Join leading advocates from the paralysis community who will conduct hands-on workshops, sending you home with the tools and expertise to help you become part of the cure effort.

    Working with the Media - Sabrina Cohen
    Community Fundraising - Karen Miner & Jennifer Longdon
    Legislative Action - Rachel Hammerman & Todd Phillips
    Corporate & Micro Fundraising - Martin Codyre

    There's still time to register . . . nothing like being face to face with the leaders in the field. We've been at this for the last 4 years, and this is the first time we'll have scientists talking to us about current, live, human clinical trials.
    Please submit your photo and story of hope:

    I hate reading about restoring movement thru exercise. I don't believe it. At least not for myself. I do 3 hours/day everyday and have gotten very little back. I feel it is a fake promise.


      Keeping On... I attended the Roman Reed conference at RIRC in March of 08. I listened to both Susie Harkema and Reggie Edgerton talk about exercise-based recovery. I came home from that conference open to the concept and began working toward creating... something.

      I managed a twitch in PT in May and began taking steps in pool a few months later. With luck (that twitch) and TONS and TONS and TONS of sweat, tears and hard work -- on my part and my team, I took 9 steps to cross the finish line last year after pushing a half marathon in my regular chair.

      For me, exercise alone at my age and my time injured is not enough to recover meaningful function. But, I wonder what would have happen if I had tried at 6 weeks post, 6 months post instead of nearly 6 years.

      Exercise-based recovery has its place. I only wish it were the complete answer for all of us.
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        Neuroplasticity is not a "fake promise" - it's real. As JenJen says, it has it's place alongside regenerative medicine in curing SCI.


          jenJen, I agree I've reclaimed some function; not enough to for fundtional recovery. I DO believe that doing exercise is a necessry chore to take advantge of any curative therapy. It is hard and for some harder than others.


            I will be attending the W2W 2010 with my friend Sanja Mosher. I have just booked the hotel but only one of us could get the group rate as all the rooms reserved for the W2W have just been sold out. I feel very excited to be joining this symposium and to learn from the great research scientists, practitioners and tireless advocates.


              If someone could take some videos and post them that would be great. I'd love to see Frank Reynolds speech, the guy makes me feel good about things whether or not things pan out like he says they may, at least it feels good to think they will.
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