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Frank Reynolds Treated His Own Spinal Cord Injury And Walked Again

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    Ahh hell IP. That's disappointing.
    It's a little funny to imagine that guy playing basketball 'at full speed'.


      I'm really disappointed too. I want to walk as much as the next guy. But I think we need to invest our money / time properly.


        Any cure claim that is made in association with the letters IPO should be viewed with skepticism. The same holds true with most any fund raising event that heralds a major scientific breakthrough to attract funds.

        While it is not what we want to hear, the present state of SCI cure science is in the poke and hope stage. Some very intelligent and dedicated people have some very informed guesses as to what might work. That's it. It will take both time and money to move closer to legitimate cure by trialing those scientific hunches.

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          Foolish old, couldn't agree more.


            InVivo Team

            InVivo was founded based on research from Robert S. Langer Sc.D. of MIT’s Langer Lab and Yang (Ted) D. Teng, MD, PhD from Harvard’s Neurosurgery Department and VA Boston’s SCI Research Division. Dr. Langer and Dr. Teng, have worked together for over nine years, publishing their findings in peer reviewed journals, with the focused objective to provide novel therapeutic options for treating acute and chronic spinal cord injuries.

            Here's info on the current InVivo Therapeutics team.

            It's comprised of researchers who have received the highest honors and a number of successful business professionals who are working together to move this research forward.
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              Obviously time will tell but it's sad how people are so quick to think something is so sketchy so quickly. I have always felt that a combo of technology and medical would be most likely to help restore some function. Some pretty accomplished people and collaboraters involved.


                So this is the guy that created InVivo?


                  Originally posted by Sparky831 View Post
                  So this is the guy that created InVivo?

                  He left invivo
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                    After he left Invivo, he ceated PixarBio

                    He is very interesting he has a few things pending but they are mostly pain related