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Superman Is Broken: More on Care versus Cure

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    Superman Is Broken: More on Care versus Cure

    Christopher Reeve has testified in several arenas about research for cure of spinal cord injury, but he rarely speaks out on issues of access and accommodation.

    This is the part that makes me want to kick this guy in the ass.

    "No mention of the thousands who will remain wheelchair users because of reasons other than spinal cord injury."

    So what, I would say the SCI population has been screw over enough. If Reeve's is only for our cure fine. This asshole writer is a "wheelchair user" just like 90% of the disabled population, the type that can wiggle their butt and P&S when they feel like it.

    He knows as much about SCI as I do being President.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger



      why you think research for those other reason is not happening. curing the spinal cord is tied with growing limbs for last place. a lot of those other reasons you mention will be long treatable before anything for sci.


        tvot and DA

        There is an unwarranted assumption that is being made here, the concept that access is getting short shrift. I don't know if the data for the costs of access have been compiled anywhere but advocates of ADA would not be well advised not to make it public.

        America spends many billions of access and care every year. The mandate that all public building and transportation must be accessible alone must cost over $10 billion per year. Care for people with spinal cord injury costs over $10 billion per year.

        Spinal cord injury research, as I have posted in the Great Links Forum, currently gets about $62 million from NIH and probably no more than $30 million per year from all other sources combined. There is simply no comparison. Research takes nothing from access or care. I don't know of anybody in this community who does not support more access and better care. The community has to stop this backbiting.