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    We got in contact with College Pharm. and the 4AP is on the way, thank you everyone. I would also like to welcome home Jake and his mom (Susan) or as I like to call her (Still) (inside joke). I am still concerned about the two other patients in Ecuador...Jay and Scott and their family members that are with them, I hope they get home safe as well and soon!


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        can anyone tell me more about .....

        Can anyone tell me more about these medications: 1) DIBENZYLENE 2) URECHOLINE Jim (and others who had Dr. Kao's procedure have been prescribed these meds. I am interested in the side effects that they may produce. One of Dr. Kao's recent patients started taking the meds. as prescribed and had a reaction to them. "when i took them like it said. at night i started having to swallow about every two seconds then my throat would close up and i could'nt swallow at all. also i got real bad bad shakes then sweats so bad the bed would be solid sweat." This is what was explained to us. Any thoughts? Why would this happen? An allergic reaction perhaps? [img]/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif[/img]


          BirdeR, the severity of the reaction described by the other patient is a little unusual.

          Dibenzylene is phenoxybenzamine, an alpha adrenergic receptor blocker. It may be used to treat autonomic dysreflexia. It is sometimes used as an antihypertensive (i.e. for reducing high blood pressure). It is also sometimes used to treat bladder problems and is often used to treat pheochromocytoma which is a tumor condition that is associated with excessive release of catecholamines. Phenoxybenzamines can cause nausea, dizziness, drowsiness. It should not cause the excessive sweating and in fact is used to treat excessive sweating associated with pheochromocytoma.

          Urecholine is a muscarinic receptor blocker and is used chiefly to reduce bladder spasticity. t can cause dry mouth.

          I am not familiar with the combination of the two drugs. However, the symptoms described by your friend should be assessed by a doctor before he continues with the treatment. I think that they are unusual enough to suggest investigation for some other possibilities besides an "allergic" response. It doesn't sound like an allergic type response.



            Except for the sweating that sounds like my reaction to tetanus shots. One of these days I'm supposed to find out if it's the toxin or the toxoid (??) that I'm allergic to because I haven't had a vaccnation in 20 years now and that was in basic training and the idiot drill sargeant refused to believe anyone could be allergic to tetanus shots. Two hours later when he saw his first case of anaphalactic shock he learned differently.
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              Dr Kao

              Has anyone had this procedure done by Dr. Kao that their injury was a c4,5 and if so his or her outcome? Or anyone know who we can contact to find out?


                smith 109- there were 3 people that were within that level that just had this procedure in August/September. Jake is a C4 I believe, John is a C4-5-6 and Scott is a c5-6. Jakes website is: (info. is on that site how to contact him or his family). Scott's webite is: (again, info. is on that site to contact him). John's email is: I also believe that Kyle Burris is about that level (C4-5), his website is: (contact info. is at the site). There are more, but I will have to find their info. It is too soon to really know how Jake, John, or Scott are doing or what the results are, however Kyle is doing pretty good, and it's still early for him as well.



                  Jake's injury was C4-5 complete. He was able to stand in the standing table for 7 minutes before he left Equador. He can hold his knees in a bent position and can move his legs slightly. He had not sensation below C5 prior to the surgery.
                  Jake's Pop


                    Kyle Burris

                    Kyle has gone from a C4-5 complete to a T5. He can stand, pick up 5 lbs weights with each hands, and mow the lawn with a lawn tractor. He is 10 months post surgery.
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                      In just reading Kyles site

                      it looks like he just has sensation around the t-6 area, that is quite different from going to a c-5 complete to a t-6 complete (or t-5 as you said). It does appear though that Kao's procedure does get one a little more sensation around the chest area though, so that is encouraging.
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                        I would also like to know if Kyle is a C-5 or a T-5? There is a huge difference. One is a quad, and the other is a para.

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                          another patient

                          One of Dr. Kao's recent young male patients from Texas, who was a paralyzed quad due to a spider bite, is now walking less than 2 weeks post surgery.
                          Jake's Pop


                            Does anyone know if any of the patients have regained a significant amount of sensation? It sounds as if most are getting some motor return, but very little sensory return.

                            I'm drawing my own conclusions here, but I believe Dr.Kao is proving that decompression can be most helpful. With most of the patients gain function so quickly, the regenerative process hasn't had time to work. I wonder what the cost difference is to have this surgery done in the U.S. versus traveling out of the country.


                              what should i ask?

                              i go this saturday to meet dr.kao at the hilton here in san deigo.Iam just wondering if poeple can give me some real good questions for him?i really want to know if this surgery will make my spine even harder to regenerate if and when other procedures come out?or is it just adding parts that should already be there?thanks jeff


                                Carl, on the contrary, most of the reports that I have heard included one or two levels of sensory improvement. The walking recovery cited below is one of the first times that I have heard of locomotor recovery. I hope that Dr. Kao will publish a compendium of his results. Wise.