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Teaching the paralyzed to walk again

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    Teaching the paralyzed to walk again

    (03/03/10) -- A California scientist was able to get paralyzed rats running again, but can he do the same thing for humans?

    HealthFirst reporter Leslie Toldo tells us about a new treatment that could revolutionize treatment of spinal cord injuries.

    This is all about 10 years of research and one man's quest to use stem cell injections to cure these devastating injuries.


    Gerons trial for acutes.


      Guys, I just read an article on Google about Dr Jack Kessler of Norhtwstern Medical. He is a nerologost who is dedicated to spinal recovery. His daughter was paralyzed and he is commited to finding a cure or therapy to help her and others. The disappointment in the article is the time he is expressing for this to occur. No mention of Wise's theraph and when it might help all of us. I go to Google and type "stem cell news" and scrolldown to the article. Does anybody follow him or heard of him? Let us know what you think or comment on this.



        Search Kessler in here?
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          I searched as I described. Google "stem cell news" and scrolldown or just go to Kessler Northwestern University. Let me know what you think. We've got to get good news from Wise's China Project.