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    Dr. Fernando Ramirez Del Rio

    I recently spoke to someone who underwent this procedure. Has anyone heard of this?

    Dr. Ramirez Del Rio has over thirty years of experience with regenerative therapies and currently uses stem cells from umbilical cord blood for neurological disorders. Dr. Ramirez Del Rio is one of the few physicians in the world who is licensed to use stem cells in a clinical setting.

    He has had numerous successes in treating patients with

    * ALS
    * Cerebral Palsy
    * Diabetes
    * Mitochondrial Disorders
    * Multiple Sclerosis
    * Stroke
    * Traumatic Brain Injury
    * Spinal Cord Injuries

    Umbilical cords are donated by mothers of healthy babies from the United States. The blood is tested according to the standards of the American Association of Blood Banks. Stem cells are isolated only from type O universal donor blood and expanded to several million cells per treatment.

    Injections of cord stem cells are used for children and generally, intravenous therapies of cord stem cells are used for adults.

    For further information on stem cells from umbilical cord blood, see the Stem Cell Handbook Stem Cell Handbook by Dr. Ramirez.

    Originally posted by Jim View Post
    I recently spoke to someone who underwent this procedure. Has anyone heard of this?

    Dr. Ramirez is the same doctor who ran the Tijuana clinic that transplanted shark embryos into people with spinal cord injury for nearly two decades. I have met the man and he is very personable but I was dismayed by his claims and his willingness to charge patients for experimental therapies for which there was no evidentiary base. He has transplanted shark embryos into hundreds of patients with spinal cord injury [source] z+del+rio+shark+embryos&source=bl&ots=ydzm5jQ6J1&s ig=Jh0kQeoVsSgMkHKVujws2SBLzxc&hl=en&ei=YGiaSvaaGo vSlAfZ4eylBQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum= 1#v=onepage&q=ramirez%20del%20rio%20shark%20embryo s&f=false[/source]. Please do a search on carecure for Ramirez and you will find hundreds of posts on the subject (for example, see /forum/showthread.php?t=39659)

    Some years ago, perhaps because shark embryos were not getting much business, Ramirez switched to umbilical cord blood cells. He joined forces with the Steenblock Institute, which advocates alternative therapies and has hyped umblical cord blood cell treatments [source][/source]. Steenblock and Payne wrotte a book about umbilical cord blood, touting it as a cure for almost everything and urging patients to go to Mexico for such treatments. Both Steenblock and Payne have dubious reputations [source][/source].

    I strongly advise people to avoid this group.