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  • Stemgevity

    See this video of a child with Brain Damage who came to the US and was helped with Stem Cell Treatment. The very same Dr - a leading Stem Cell Dr in California, has now come out with his latest stem cell breakthrough called Stemgevity.

    just click on "Video"
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    I have been able to improve my bladder control/function since the stem cell treatment I had last year. I had umbilical adult stem cells arranged by a leading stem cell researcher, Dr Steenblock in California. He has since suggested I take Stemgevity, which stimulates the production of your own stem cells to encourage tissue repair. If you want to see an uplifting video go to this site and click on "VIDEO" on the left.


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      Has Stem Cells an answer for Spinal Cord Damage or Brain Damage?

      This News Video Headline caught my eye:

      "In Search of a Miracle
      Mon, 02 Feb 2009 16:57:00 +1200
      Caleb was born a healthy, if somewhat premature, baby. He was the third child for this mother Shirley and the first for his father Lindsay. They never expected their precious child would soon be fighting for his life"

      I take my hat off to Dr Steenbock

      and his new stem cell breakthrough "Stemgevity"


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        Tissue Healing

        I feel your pain just looking at the pic. Might want to try some stem cell supplement. There are a few out there now and as science advances will no doubt be more. Here is a site took at:


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          I have improved bladder and bowel control after C5/6 damage. I've done a great deal of rehab but got more control after stem cell treatment. It is availabe in a bottle called Stemgevity. Got to for details.


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            Baclofen didn't HELP... this did.

            Eight years after the damage and 7 years after having thrown out the "B" bottle I had almost given up. Thoughts of ending it were troubling me. I hated the pain the spasms and the looks. Last year my wife who never gave up - God bless her, happened upon some results others were getting with stem cell treatment. Sitting me in front of the computer and surfing away I did see there was some slight hope as some people were responding to stem cell treatment. I called around and disappointment gain seemed my lot as prices were way beyond my means. A trip to China was - well more than the bank would loan me. It was hopeless again... then I came across a home stem cell treatment IN A BOTTLE!!! Too good to be true. Been on this stuff for almost 3 months. I get less spams, pain has reduced and bladder just about under control and within my budget. Opps it's called stemgevity - it's supposed to assist the natural release of stem cells into the blood stream from the bone marrow.
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              *Spinal Cord Injury*

              JW was in a car accident in the Summer of 2007. His T3 vertebra was severely crushed, resulting in paralysis.
              In the Spring of 2008, JW underwent a transplant in Mexico under the
              direction of Dr. Fernando Ramirez. JW received four vials (6 million stem
              cells) of umbilical cord derived stem cells. Within four months, the
              nerve pain was gone from his arms and neck and he was able to move his
              legs. His side muscles were also strong enough by then to support his
              being able to walk with braces. JW reports that he has also been able to gain back his bowel and bladder control. He also has sensation again in his
              lower body.

              Dr. Cao and Dr. Feng reviewed 51 articles concerning human
              umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and their potential benefits to
              spinal cord injury. Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent. They are capable of differentiating into bone and cartilage as well as Schwann cells and cells with neural markers. When transplanted into the injured spinal cord, the mesenchymal stem cells can compensate for demyelination, promote axonal regeneration, direct the axons to appropriate targets, and replace lost cells. The authors conclude that cord derived mesenchymal stem cells can play an important role in the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

              *Cao F-J, Feng S-Q. Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem
              cells and the treatment of spainal cord injury. Chinese Medical Journal
              2009; 122(2): 225-231.*

              *Mahay D, terenghi G, Shawcross SG. Growth factors in
              mesenchymal stem cells following glial-cell differentiation. Biotechnol
              Appl Biochem 2008; 51(Pt 4): 167-76.*




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                How you been?

                Any improvements?

                Originally posted by Kenu View Post
                I feel your pain just looking at the pic. Might want to try some stem cell supplement. There are a few out there now and as science advances will no doubt be more. Here is a site took at:


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                  I am going to run out and buy some immediately
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