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    I don't know how the drinking traditions got started either, but I had read in a book, the time period around the turn of the century involving the upper class, when toasts were made at a social event one must participate or it was considered an insult. The only way around it was to take small sips.

    It did'nt take them long to become cash based for medical care. At a 50% co-pay, it would still be hard to afford medical care. How much of the poorer population is still without any insurance?

    The number of people who have become wealthy certainly has grown quickly in such a short time. If it has to do with production of products and exportation, I wonder what benefits the emplyees reap, wages? health care?

    Is it the Chinese government that is paying for all the research, or are private individuals and businesses paying for some of it in donations?

    Are the military hospitals the only ones that take care of many of the poor?

    You've given us a wonderful insight of the country and its peoples. I have to admit until recently, when they showed the Olympic games, I use to picture coolies and rice paddies. I think visiting China would be an awesome trip.


      Dr.Young or Jim.

      Can you give me the complete address and contact info if any of this Kunming Hospital? A friend of mine is interested to know more about it. Thank you