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"Voices of Spinal Cord Injury" feature in New York Times

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  • "Voices of Spinal Cord Injury" feature in New York Times

    April 6, 2009 12:48 AM Posted By Ken Shigley Comments / Questions (0)

    "Voices of Spinal Cord Injury" feature in New York Times

    The New York Times is running a feature on “Voices of Spinal Cord Injury,” with feedback from lots of folks who are SCI survivors. Here are a few excerpts from the feedback:

    • “Once a person goes through a spinal cord injury one’s life changes in the most drastic way imaginable…slowly, painfully, and frustratingly we find a way to adapt.”

    • “Even thought the health-related issues of my disability are stressful, the major battle for me is the struggle for accessibility, social acceptance, employment opportunities and insurance coverage…. not to mention the ever shrinking pool of doctors who will accept me as a patient and who have the expertise/experience that I need. Actually, it would be much easier for me to cope with the health aspect of my spinal-cord injury if I didn’t have to battle the great bear called “bigotry.” I can’t speak for others, but for me the lack of social acceptance and understanding is main struggle in my life, not the wheelchair itself.”


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    This was a great feature and a great multimedia showcase to spread to family, friends and coworkers. I added a comment with the link to keck foundation to donate. Let's keep the momentum going!