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HELP my hospital stay at Jackson Miami after surgery

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    HELP my hospital stay at Jackson Miami after surgery

    Hi All

    I just want to know without going into great detatail if anyone had a bad experience after surgery at Jackson memorial. My care was so bad that after surgery that was going toremove scar tissue went into a complete untethering of the cord. After surgery I found out that I cant do anything for 4 weeks. The care was so poor that I had to physically leave friday night tether cord or not wheelchair to taxi, taxi to university of Miami next door. At least here I have the basicneeds met including pain meds for this surgery that hurts like hell. I am still amazed that they let me leave 7 days post /op with i/v still in???

    Anyone here of such care. Now my only concern is getting back to rehab at Kessler I am from NY and have no one down here which makes it that more scary. Any sugestions???


    I heard the care was the pits there. Great surgeons but crap care. The Doctors/Surgeons need to be partially blamed imo.
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