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InVivo nears human trials of spine-injury treatment

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  • InVivo nears human trials of spine-injury treatment

    Spinal cord injury treatment maker InVivo Therapeutics Corp. has successfully wrapped up preliminary primate studies and is now looking to secure funds to go prime time.

    During the summer, InVivo completed a primate and rodent study that demonstrated InVivo’s polymer-based technologies to be 100 percent effective, said Frank Reynolds, CEO of the Cambridge-based company.

    “In the history of spinal cord injury research, no one has ever had any success in treating a spinal cord injury in a primate,” Reynolds said.

    Reynolds claims that InVivo, which uses technologies co-developed by Robert Langer of MIT, is unique. “We’ve taken a completely different approach,” said Reynolds. First, said Reynolds, most of the damage to a spine starts at about 24 hours after an initial accident. “We need to take advantage of the therapeutic window of opportunity between the time injury occurs and the time when the patient is in the wheelchair for life,” said Reynolds. InVivo does this by injecting or implanting a biocompatible polymer into the lesion, which reduces the secondary damage and protects the unaffected areas. The polymer eventually disintegrates inside the body, eliminating the need for surgical removal.

    The company has already raised $3 million, and in the next 90 days, it expects to close on a $15 million Series A round. That will fund a proposed human study to be conducted in the summer of 2009. After the anticipated U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval, the company will be generating a profit, said Reynolds. The CEO has special insight into the problem, having at age 28 been in a car accident that injured his spine and left him in a body brace for five years.


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    I had never heard of InVivo before this - anyone else know them?

    The article goes on to say:

    "InVivo appears to have done some promising animal work, but it hasn’t disclosed its exact details, so it’s difficult to make a complete assessment about what makes that work novel, noted Amar Sawhney. Sawhney is president and CEO of I-Therapeutix Inc., a Waltham-based startup that is developing products to seal surgical wounds. InVivo’s overall approach, addressing the underlying factors that cause spinal injury, seems a sound one, he said. It may, however, take years before the company can fully solve spinal cord problems and that may make investors wary. Overall, Sawhney noted that spinal cord injuries represent a “huge unmet need.”

    If they are going the route of the FDA, then at least it should be a proven safe treatment before application to humans.
    One to watch.


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      I got to meet Frank at W2W, he works as hard as Wise. If you have time research the team InVivo has put together. This guy is amazing, Robert Langer

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        its seems like if this therapy is successful it will end sci as we know it. and at the same time leave those of us who are already hurt stuck.


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          That maybe so but at least a little boy or girl wont have to go through what we do and that makes it sweet for me cuz when you've seen a young child with this injury it's hart breaking and I would give up my dream of walking normal so alittle child could.


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            Originally posted by Eric.S View Post
            its seems like if this therapy is successful it will end sci as we know it. and at the same time leave those of us who are already hurt stuck.
            Nah - I think i just came across:

            Says: Nevertheless, Reynolds said that this month he plans to start primate tests for technologies that will range from acute to chronic spine injuries, or the “whole gamut.”

            Lets for god sake stop sci as we know it, but I doubt we are forgotten.
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              This thread has the familiarity of New World Labs and RMx threads. Are they still proposing trials in 2008?
              please . . .test what you already know; and give us what you have. we may not be dying, but we certainly are not living either


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                Chimps are our relatives regarding DNA.


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                  InVivo CEO Overcame Spinal Cord Injury, Now Aims to Create Better Treatment For Same

                  InVivo CEO Overcame Spinal Cord Injury, Now Aims to Create Better Treatment For Same Problem



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                    For those interested, I definitely suggest taking Leo's advice check out invivo's website. His team is top notch.


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                      Information removed at request of member.
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                        it's a little weird that their website makes no mention of the most recent interview and results.

                        God, I wish them the best and wish I had tons of money to invest in this kind of venture.


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                          Invivo presented at Working 2 Walk 2008 this past April. Frank Reynolds is very committed to curing SCI, chronic and acute. He is very passionate and almost larger then life. I liked him immediately. His enthusiasm is infectious.
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                            ATVNUT - your words are particularly inspiring to me because I learned of an 8 year old who was a passenger in a wreck 3 days ago and now has SCI. Scott.


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                              We should investagate and try to help raise money to give them the booast they need