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Physicians Favor Stem Cell Research Disagree on Ethical Issues at the Heart of the De

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  • Physicians Favor Stem Cell Research Disagree on Ethical Issues at the Heart of the De

    Physicians Favor Stem Cell Research Disagree on Ethical Issues at the Heart of the Debate

    Physicians who generally favor advancement of stem cell research in terms of its actual or potential benefits don'st always agree on the ethical issues at the heart of the stem cell research debate, according to a recent survey commissioned by Jackson 's38; Coker Industry Report (

    Among physicians and healthcare professionals who have some familiarity with stem cell research and participated in our survey, there appear to be firmly held positions that largely revolve around ethical questions related to embryonic stem cell research, mentions Jackson 's38; Coker Vice President, Ed McEachern.
    While the vast majority of survey respondents favored accelerating stem cell research, including more funding, there was considerable difference of opinion related to what does or does not 'scross the line's in terms of ethical propriety, he notes.

    Survey summary

    The survey, entitled The Stem Cell Research Debate, was sent during September to physicians across major specialties and other healthcare providers throughout the United States, with 550 responding. Here is a summary of responses to key questions by survey participants

    > 68% of respondents were medical doctors; 10% were advanced practitioners; 3% were hospital administrators; and 2% were medial scientists.

    > 92% were either somewhat or very familiar with stem cell research.

    > 53% believed that stem cell research affects their own practice, at least to some degree.

    > 66% felt that stem cell research should include embryonic stem cells; 24% were strongly opposed to this line of research.


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    New Site Launched for Families and Scientists to Discuss Stem Cell Research US

    SickKids Foundation ( has launched Connecting for Kids: Campaign 2008 (, a community of researchers, families and people passionate about stem cell and other innovative types of research.

    Connecting for Kids: Campaign 2008 is a portal for people whose children or loved ones are living with a life-threatening disease or traumatic injury and see stem cell research as a direct lead to the possibility of cures/recovery. It is also a place for the politically active, progressive community that wishes to advance the cause of stem cell research and its potential for medical breakthroughs.

    Connecting for Kids: Campaign 2008 will inspire dialogue about the importance of stem cell research worldwide and it will encourage those who want to see these potential medical breakthroughs advanced, to lend their support to our campaign.

    Currently stem cell research is heavily restricted in the United States. The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Research Institute ( in Toronto is in a unique position within the global stem cell community. The Canadian Assisted Human Reproduction Act (, passed in 2004, allows research on spare in vitro fertilized embryos as long as it promises a clear benefit for human health. Because of Canada'ss position on stem cell research and an unrivaled concentration of excellent stem cell researchers at SickKids and in Toronto, the Research Institute is poised to make stem cell breakthroughs that will have a long-standing impact on the future of health care.

    Researchers believe that stem cell-based therapeutics may be used for diseases like cancer, Type-1 diabetes, joint diseases or conditions like heart damage, spinal cord injury, baldness and even missing teeth. Stem cells are also particularly exciting in the area of regenerative medicine and transplantation where adult stem cells could mitigate rejection issues.