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Landmark stem cell surgery performed in Salem

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    Landmark stem cell surgery performed in Salem

    Landmark stem cell surgery performed in Salem

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    SALEM: Manipal Hospital in Salem successfully carried out stem cell therapy for cervical cord injury on a 50-year-old patient who had sustained injuries in brain, bones in legs and the cervical cord in a road accident in Saudi Arabia about 6 months ago.

    Hospital sources claimed that this was the first time a stem cell therapy was performed in Salem.

    Also, the direct injection of experimental stem cells at C6-C7 segment of spinal cord was adopted for the first time in the country.

    The patient came to Manipal Hospital here on July 4 this year. A team of specialists led by Dr. K. Eliyas Basha, a senior consultant and neuro-surgeon examined the patient and noticed weakness in all four limbs. An MRI investigation revealed damage in lower Cervical Cord at C6 and C7.

    The team decided to go for the Stem Cell Therapy after obtaining prior


    so??? what happened???


      The team decided to inject the stem cells directly at C6 and C7 segments of the cervical cord by a open surgical procedure on spine.

      The operation lasted for less than an hour, which included three stages: bone marrow aspiration, stem cell cultivation and stem cell injection.

      The bone marrow aspiration was done six weeks before at the hip bone and was sent to stem cell laboratory for stem cell identification and cultivation.

      Then these cells, which had the potential of transforming into neural cells were injected at C6-C7 segment of the spinal cord.

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