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  • Redbull gives you wings...

    Wings for life that is!

    Annual progress meeting tomorrow in Salzburg. Program attached. Anyone know a source for some kind of coverage/highlights?

    Since 2006 Wings for Life has been supporting each year numerous research projects. After a strict selection process ("peer-review system") based on various criteria such as originality, feasibility and applicability to spinal cord injured patients only the most promising international projects and that highest quality of research were supported.

    Investigators with diverse scientific interests were encouraged to direct their expertise to both basic and applied research in order develop innovative strategies to prevent, limit, or reverse the pathogenesis of spinal cord injury. An important component of a disease treatment or prevention is the translation of basic discoveries to their eventual application to the patient, so studies utilizing translational or "bench-to-bedside" approaches were encouraged.

    All these investigators that were supported during the year 2006 and 2007 will gather on the 22nd of October in Salzburg to present and discuss their latest discoveries and together bring us a little closer to our aim: finding a cure to spinal cord paralysis.
    Awe at my magnificent coq!

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