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Check the history,and the lack of funding for spinal cord injury research

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  • Check the history,and the lack of funding for spinal cord injury research

    Check the history,and the lack of funding for spinal cord injury research


    Every 35 minutes someone is told that they will never walk again. That works out to be over 10,000 people a year. Lucky Pucks does not believe in the word "never." Unless, it is "never give up."

    Lucky Pucks is a charity youth hockey tournament. It was founded in order to fund research to help find a cure for spinal cord injuries (SCI). Despite the alarmingly low amounts of money spent on spinal cord injury research, recent medical advances have projected the timeline to finding a cure at 5-10 years.

    If you were to compare government research money spent on SCI research to AIDS research, something amazing occurs. Government spending on SCI research was $17 million dollars in 1994. With 250,000 SCI patients in the U.S., this works out to be $68 per person. Government grants to the National Institute of Health in 1994 to study AIDS research was $1.4 billion. There are now 501,310 reported cases of AIDS in the U.S. This works out to be $2,792.68 per person. President Clinton authorized a grant March 6, 1996 to assist 50,000 AIDS patients so they could afford medicine of $55 million. This works out to $945.45 per person. There exists some disparity in these numbers. The lack of funding for spinal cord injury research may be due to the fact that spinal cord injuries are considered permanent. Likewise, at this time, there is no cure for AIDS.


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    YEAH I READ THIS ARTICLE i only get like 550 a month ss and 150 a month food stamps. My buddy gets 150 a month and he gotta buy his own CatheterS. I mean also with the raise in cost its only gonna get worse. We gotta find a way to get money for clincal trails and show these rich ppl that we need their donations too. Every organaztion get money but us. and we got more of a quicker chance of getting cured then any of them .
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      Originally posted by MONEYMAKER7444
      ...he gotta buy his own catherders.
      I always thought you can't herd cats?

      (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)


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        I heard a radio ad from mccain yesterday promising large increase in funding to the NIH for the purpose of stem cell research. And it mention spinal cord first as one of the promising cures. And at the end of the commercial mccain says loudly. Change is coming!


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          Their internal polling must not be looking good because they're been steadily adopting Obama's policies. From ridiculing Obama's change message to recasting themselves as change agents. Ridiculing Obama's Iraq pull out plan to later adopting it. McCain is the flip flop master, shifting his position on this issues over 40 times recently but at least he's flipping more towards the center now which is good. The hard right line was surely alienating too many voting blocks. Let's just hope that he doesn't flip back to the far right as this recent policy change will surely outrage his evangelical base. Now if only he'd sponsor the Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Act Bill.

          McCain Radio Ad Claims Palin Will Work For Stem Cell Research

          In a new ad likely meant to burnish John McCain's "maverick," Republican-bucking political identity, his campaign is touting his intention to support stem-cell research.

          The ad, which calls the McCain-Palin ticket "the original mavericks," claims that the duo will partner with "congressional allies" to "improve America's health" with the benefits of the controversial medical research, which centers on the use of human embryonic stem cells -- an idea which angers some pro-life advocates -- including Sarah Palin.

          Thus, unless she has recently changed her position, John McCain will find himself without Palin's help should he become president and tackle this issue. In a profile published right after her election as governor, the Anchorage Daily News noted that Palin was the only candidate in the race not to promote stem cell research.

          "Unlike Palin, Knowles and Halcro both support abortion rights, stem cell research, benefits for same-sex couples and a rural preference for subsistence hunting and fishing rights," the paper wrote at the time. The Boston Herald has also noted the difference between McCain and his running mate on this particular issue.

          Palin isn't the only Republican that might make it difficult for McCain to carry out this promise. It was Republicans in the Senate who helped President Bush sustain a veto of legislation that would have advanced stem cell research. Moreover, the 2008 GOP platform actually calls for a "ban on all embryonic stem-cell research, public or private."

          Interestingly, last week, Sen. Joe Biden was castigated by McCain's campaign for describing Palin's opposition to stem cell research in the same breath as mentioning her Down Syndrome child. Look for the Obama campaign to question whether misrepresenting her position on the issue is any more honorable.

          UPDATE: Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI), paralyzed at the age of 16 while working with the Warwick, RI police department, responds to McCain's ad:

          "While it's good that that Senator McCain says he supports stem cell research, It would be far better for the millions of Americans awaiting new cures if he had shown leadership when it really mattered: when he chose his running mate and when he failed to marshal his allies to override the President's veto...

          Update. He's advocating adult stem cell research, not embryonic.

          McCain Runs Pro-Stem Cell Ad, While Campaign Website Criticizes Research Involving ‘Human Embryos'
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