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2008 DAM2DAM Thumbs Up! Bike Tour

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  • 2008 DAM2DAM Thumbs Up! Bike Tour

    2008 DAM2DAM Thumbs Up! Bike Tour
    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    It was November 17, 1991 the Detroit Lions had scored in a crucial game against the Los Angeles Rams. Mike Utley felt he was invincible at 6' 6" and 315 pounds. He was at the top of his game, a champion, and thrilled to be doing what he loved, playing football. Mike Utley was attempting to throw a block during a pass play when he went down, Mike knew immediately that something was wrong. An eerie silence descended over the stadium as Mike lay there motionless. When they wheeled him off the field Mike gave the crowd a Thumbs Up! to let them know that he would return. Mike Utley #60 was paralyzed.

    Mike's courageous Thumbs Up! gesture has come to symbolize his fighting spirit. In his own fight to walk again Mike has focused all of his energies towards others suffering from spinal cord injuries. The Mike Utley Foundation was founded in January 1992 and is committed to providing financial support for rehabilitation, education and research for spinal cord related injuries.

    The 2008 DAM2DAM Thumbs Up! Bike Tour will move us closer to our ultimate goal of finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. With your help we can make a difference.


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    Leaving in two weeks to meet the man himself and helping to raise money for the fundraiser. I have the web address in my signature for those who would like to help sponsor me for the bike ride. PM me if intrested in donating andI will give out my info. Thanks, Terry
    If I was meant to have wheels under my ass, what the hell are these legs for?