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Dallas-Cowboy-based Repair Stem Cell Institute announces science advisory board

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    Dallas-Cowboy-based Repair Stem Cell Institute announces science advisory board

    Dallas-based Repair Stem Cell Institute announces science advisory board

    The Repair Stem Cell Institute, a Dallas-based stem cell global public affairs organization, announced the formation of a new Science Advisory Board (SAB) consisting of some of the world's leading stem cell medical, science and research professionals. RSCI was founded in April 2008 and has offices located in Washington, D.C. and Bangkok.

    According to Don Margolis, RSCI chairman and founder, "RSCI's new Science Advisory Board has been created to provide the general public with the latest repair stem cell research and therapeutic innovations. Each of these five SAB members are active stem cell leaders who are not only researching, but successfully delivering cells to patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders, and 100+ other incapacitating conditions, all of which are covered at Repair Stem Cells - click-on 'Diseases Treated.'"

    RSCI's world-leading stem cell treatment experts are as follows:

    <sci> [< Some prefer to put in <snip> here to break an article, but I feel it is more appropriate to use <sci>, especially on a SCI board ]

    Dr. Carlos Lima, one of the foremost neuropathologist experts in RSC treatments, rejected traditional bone marrow stem cells as a too limited source for the neurological stem cells required to repair injured spinal cords. Using olfactory stem cells harvested from the patients' own nose, Dr. Lima transplants the cells at the spinal cord break utilizing the successful OMA transplant surgical procedure he developed. Dr. Lima is the only doctor in the world whose treatments have created the neurological redevelopment required to allow some paraplegics to engage in extensive rehabilitation therapy [< could this be important ], rise from their wheelchairs and walk.

    Yeah right. He hasn’t even perform the surgeries himself (according to a study trip some did a time ago from Denmark), -some expert to have on a science advisory board. DA would have been much better, why isn’t he invited? To hot for him

    For patients with spinal cord injuries, repair stem cell treatment is now being used as an effective therapy [ ok, ok, at least for some to earn truckloads of money ]. Dr. Carlos Lima, a Portuguese neuropathologist is leading this revolution in helping patients with spinal cord injuries who previously had no hope of ever walking again. These previously paralyzed patients are now walking again thanks to the miraculous stem cell treatment procedure developed by Dr. Lima.
    ^ From their website Besides the Lima stuff isn't stem cells although they say so, maybe they say so to get the media hyped attention as for stem cells to earn more money though, like others are doing?

    The below quotes are also funny.

    Laurence Johnston, a leading proponent of repair stem cells expounds on how repair stem cells have been unfairly tarnished by the embryonic stem cell controversy.
    What has this to do with hESCR? It's people like him that is making up this bogus, and at the same time tarnishes ESC .

    Dr. Dimitri Prokovakis aka Dr. Jim speaks with our founder Don Margolis about how important rehabilitation and physical therapy is to spinal cord injury (SCI) patients who have received repair stem cells.
    Sure Jim, sure - tell something new and stop cowering you're ass.
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    Ok, enough of that, but I had fun commenting and putting in smilies.