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disc injuries and mri

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    disc injuries and mri

    can anyone explain the following to me
    there is moderate anterior compression deformity localizing to the T12 level.bulging discs are noted at several levels there is linier T2 several increase compression fractures at the T12 L1
    there is linear T2 signal increase noted originating slightly cephalad relative to the T5 area and most prominent here but extending distally throughout the length of the canal. this measures 3mm in size maximally at the T5 level and less so within the caudal portions of the spinal cord this is felt to represent prominent central canal versus syrinx formation Scoliosis with pronounced degenerative disc disease and osteoarthrithritis. compression fractures at the T12 and L1
    there is moderate midlumbar scolisiosis which is convex to the left side Marked is based narrowing is present at the L1-to come L2-L3 and L3-L4 l1-to come L2-3,l3-l4 AND L5-S1 moderate anterior wedge deformity of the T12 appears chronic. Osteophytes are located through the lumbar spine with disc desiccation
    bilateral laminectomy defects from prior surgery, there is marked laminectomy change involving the posterior elements on the side Menial asymmetric left-sided posterior vertebral osteophyte is present There is asymmetric signal within the left lateral spinal canal which abuts the thecal sac and is most likely related to scar.Diffuse anterior osteophyte is present with no definite disc herniation The L5-S1 neural foramen is narrowed.

    What does all this mean ? signal etc. and why would my doctor mention CANCER in my back ????? Please help me deceiver this mumbo jumbo..
    Sunshine 51