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Geoffrey Raisman Cilinical Trial

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    Geoffrey Raisman Cilinical Trial

    Any news on this specific trial? I heard he's sort of implementing the same technique as Lima, but he's supposed to get more robust results. Rigorous follow-up was supposed to be adhered to as well.

    I heard about this through my girlfriend, so I know nothing about it. Any intel on this is appreciated.
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    Last I heard he was working towards/on a human trial involving spinal root injuries using embryonic cells. But I haven't seen anything lately.
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      Originally posted by Tufelhunden
      Any news on this specific trial?

      I've got Raisman on my daily Google search alerts and I check out his website about once a month. Nothing new. I would know if he had started.

      We've exchanged emails a couple times, but he's unable to give reason for the delay. I believe the majority of his funding is by private donation and university suport, and he has no interest in patenting or profiting off the outcomes from his research. Trials were supposed to begin back in 2005, but... were postponed.

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      The Unit is only a research laboratory. We are not a treatment facility and are in no position to offer any advice about treatment, which must continue to be sought from the patient’s own doctor. But please rest assured that any findings arising from our research will be communicated throughout the medical profession.

      As of November 2006, we are planning, in collaboration with our surgical colleagues, to carry out a preliminary safety study of the effects of transplanting olfactory ensheathing cells. The timing of this study is not fixed, but we hope it will start some time in 2007. The study will involve around 10 patients who are part of the routine practice of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and who will be treated within a few days of accidents causing avulsion of the brachial plexus. We do not yet have the technology to tackle other types of injury. The brachial plexus study will take up to 18 months. Where we go from there will depend on the follow-up results of this study showing safety and feasibility.

      Further details of the progress of the research will be updated periodically on this website.
      Here's a really good write up about him in the UK Times.

      From The Sunday Times
      April 9, 2006

      The miracle worker

      He’s obstinate, instinctive, anti-establishment and obsessional. Precisely the qualities that have led many to believe that Geoff Raisman — a tailor’s son from Leeds — holds the key to curing nature’s cruellest afflictions. And so far, he says, ‘the results are beyond our wildest dreams’. Report by John Cornwell


        Thanks, guys. This hive-mind of a website is awesome.
        No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out


          I was curious to know what was happening with this proposed trial and so I contacted Professor Raisman's lab and got the following reply

          "There will still be some time before this starts. We are not sure of the best source of human cells."

          Although this is superficially disappointing I was impressed withProfessor Raisman. He has an obvious commitment to his work and made time to reply immediatley to a complete stranger.


            Thank you for posting this Adrian. While disheartening, it is still positive in the light you mentioned.