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Man working to walk again

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    Man working to walk again

    Man working to walk again

    By Kevin Myrick / RN-T staff writer
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    Chad McConnell works out using the new elliptical trainer recently delivered to the YMCA. By Kevin Myrick / RN-T
    On the morning of Jan. 11, Chad McConnell was riding to work on his motorcycle when he wrecked, sustaining a spinal cord injury.

    Waking up from the wreck in a hospital bed, McConnell found he had almost no use of his legs. Doctors tried to prepare him for the worse, saying they were 99 percent sure he would not use his legs again.

    But the hardheaded McConnell refused to just accept that fate.

    “When I read that first article when I was in Erlanger, I laughed and said ‘Are they crazy? 99 percent chance I’ll never walk or feel again?’” McConnell said.

    Click here for a video interview with Chad McConnell.

    McConnell is battling those odds, receiving hopeful signs. After nearly a month at the Shepherd Spinal Center and two weeks at a day program, doctors told him he was so far along, it was a waste for him to continue his stay there.

    While making progress, McConnell still struggles to make his legs work on a new elliptical trainer delivered a week ago to the Rome YMCA.