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attn: computer geeks: need input on NAS.

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    attn: computer geeks: need input on NAS.

    situation: I have two work computers, a Powermac G5 (OSX 10.5) & an Alienware laptop (WinXP Pro). I need a way to share files between the two, and I need a lot more bandwidth than WiFi can provide. Both machines have 10/100/1000 ethernet connectivity, so it makes sense to tap into the gigabit networking capability to do so.


    What do I need to set up a network between the two? I don't need Internet access w/ this. I'm already connected via WiFi to a 10/100 router/WAP to cable. No need to replace that hardware (which is on another floor anyway). Can I just get a gigabit switch & connect both computers + a NAS unit (+ maybe even a print server) to it?

    What's a reasonably-priced (i.e. as light on the wallet as possible, yet not compromising quality) way to do NAS? I'm looking for around 1TB of storage. I don't need anything fancy, just something that's reliable & fast.



    I've got a 1TB ReadyNAS something or other from Infrant. Plugged it into an Ethernet hub, all the computers can access it and it's a print server.

    It wasn't a cheap as a do-it-yourself solution, but it fits the bill.


      Why is your G wireless too slow? I stream to both mylappyand mediaplayer with little issues.

      NAS are under 300, and it's mainly the drives that cost.

      You might have an issue running 2 networks... I don't know how it'd be done actually.


        Katja - thanks, reading about it.

        Patonb - It's not wireless G. I'm running B, which is still faster than my Internet line; I never saw a need to upgrade. Regardless, I could use more than 54mbps b/c the NAS drive will serve as a primary work drive. I have a small business that churns through several gigs of images every week.


          The 54Mbps is only the wifi eh. The LAN connection is still 100/1000 (well depends on the router).
          Unless you're bulk transfering 100's of megs via wifi, I doubt there will be an issue.

          I would really upgrade the router... Is your B WPA? as a buisness setup, it'd better be.

          It'll be so much easier to setup......... Or wait a little till G is finallized.


            Maybe I'm not understanding what you are asking .... why don't you directly connect the Gig-E between the two systems? You don't need a switch between it unless you're connecting more than the two systems.


              The idea is to keep data separate from the workstations, although I've indeed considered adding 2-3 more drives to the G5 & just connecting the Windows machine to it. I'm going to play around with connecting XP to OSX; if it's more hassle than it's worth for use on a daily basis, I'll still lean towards a NAS. This will be used for cataloging photos via Adobe Lightroom, so I'd need it to network w/o hassle between the two platforms.

              I have an old PC lying around that I may try to ressurect for a NAS running FreeNAS. We'll see. I need new fans (too dang noisy right now), new drives, and a gigabit card. This may be relatively cost-effective though.


                A NAS is perfect for what you want, I just don't understand why the transfer needs to be faster than the 54Mbps of a wifi.


                  duh, *just* because it's faster.

                  actually we work w/ uncompressed photos & layered Photoshop docs a lot. They're big files. If a NAS was strictly backup, it wouldn't matter. If it's used as a drive to actually work off of, the more available throughput the better.

                  besides, it's cheaper to set up a 1000mbps wired network between computers in the same room vs. upgrading the existing wireless router to G or N (the latter of which would require upgrading the cards in the machines too).


                    Well then...... If you dont care bout cables, and they're easy to run, just get the NAS.

                    I assumed you weren't very accessable for wires. Hence why you were wifi'd. But that one statement totally changes the setup.


                      Netgear GS108 works great to connect up those devices around the house or small office. Around $70.

                      A million different NAS devices out there.... Make sure they support mirrors(Raid 1) or Raid-5.

                      Raid 5 means you will need 1 extra drive, Raid 1 means you need twice the drives.
                      (so, using 500GB Drives, you need 3 for raid 5 1TB, 4 for mirrored)
                      (using 750GB drives, 2 mirrors yield 750GB storage, 4 for 1.5TB. Raid 5, (min 3) so 3 for 1.5TB.

                      If you want quiet, stay away from ANYTHING rackmountable. The gear is nice, but always loud and always expensive.

                      Even with raid or mirrors, don't forget about backups. On any particular device, ask yourself "What if this device got destroyed. How would I feel".
                      Don't anthropomorphise computers. They hate that.