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    flash drive

    okay you all know that I am no rocket scientist when it comes to the computer so please bear with me. I am following the AD thread and in it there is another thread it is talking about a flash drive what is this and how much info can you put on it?
    can you have all your medical records put on it?
    can you have your Dr. down load your info?
    how much would one of these cost?
    the thread says that it is small enough to fit on a key chain how do you keep it from getting damaged?

    figured this was better place to ask these questions rather than the AD thread


    1GB should hold about 15-20,000 documents of 2-3 page length. Wouldn't recommend key chain attachment unless you get a more expensive model with a metal casing.

    They are also often called thumb drives, they're about the same size as your thumb.

    Plugs into any USB port and appears, when connected, in the 'My Computer' folder. Can then simply 'drag n drop' files as needed to and from.

    Handy for all sorts.


      wow that is rather cheap and it is small
      I think I will check into one of these and have my neighbor help me out with it.
      it would be alot easier to give the hospital this to down load than to try and explane it all and keep all the numbers written down.

      thank you very much for replying.


        LOL, I was about to pm the same thing! (Didn;t want to disrupt the other thread) then saw you had the same idea Darrel, and started a new thread.

        By the way. Below is the specific link to the wallet card. I re read the link I sent you, and there is so much information there, I wanted to be sure this wasn't lost in the other info.

        T7-8 since Feb 2005


          thank you very much, I just downloaded it..

          we need to play scrabble again some time soon (I'll let you win this time)



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              MedicTag is the original USB medical alert device designed for emergency medic information and alert.
              There are also a number of waterproof usb flash drives on the market as well, darrel.


                hey, thank you WADDiE and Daniel, I just got up a little bit ago and just now checking every thing out.


                  Originally posted by dan_nc

                  There are also a number of waterproof usb flash drives on the market as well, darrel.
                  This ones a good idea.