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    OS Wars and Warfare

    There is more than one option. I have started separate thread in favour of OSes in general. Though I have a Mac there are many that will do. Mac is most famous for its GUI, but I often do not use a GUI. On Unix and alike I also run the X11 GUI with Twm as it allows me to work from more than one window at a time as focus is separate from raise. Neither Mac nor Microsoft can do this.

    For example I will raise a document window over an edit window and then focus on the edit window when writing code.

    Often I only need have the bottom of the edit window visible.

    There are also important privacy and freedom issues. See OS Wars and Warfare:
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      macs are luxury products. I might be a geek, but I don't like luxury IT products.
      Let's not forget that apple had the biggest price drop for a product in history[NY Times article]. For them everything is just about marketing and design IMO.

      Apple has only 2%(AFIK) of the computer market share world wide and 8% in the US[Q1.2010] This is one of the reasons for which viruses are written for PC's mostly.
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        Originally posted by mr_coffee View Post
        I just got a sweet MacBook pro from work and all i can say is WOWOWOWO. Totally dominates PC's but I wouldn't ever buy a mac because I can't play my computer games on it. But if work is going to give me one for free i'll take it and love it.
        The open public beta of Steam has just come out. According to Steam, Apple will be a tier one platform, which means they will release games for both Windows and OS X (maybe Linux) at the same time. The reason this is important is because it puts the Mac on an equal footing with the PC for gaming.
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          I don't believe that Apple will ever be on a equal footing for gaming. Steam might starting selling games for both OS's, but the developers have to program them for both, which hasn't been done in the past and I don't see the incentive to do it now.
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