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    Originally posted by Broknwing
    i thought it was just mine!!!! i was gonna ask you to test mine out for me I was talking to a friend with a pc as well & it wasn't working...
    well, text was but no a/v...GRRRR idk...

    Apparently we aren't the only one having the same problem. It looks like it has to deal with Leapord and those that don't have it.
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      Originally posted by Kristi
      What is up with iChat? I cannot get on video chat with my friend Jeremy who has a Dell and this has been going on since Christmas. I rarely use iChat, but would like for it to work when I DO use it.
      If your friend has a Dell, then they're presumably using AIM to video-chat with you through iChat?

      iChat and AIM have always been flaky - sometimes they work, sometimes nothing. Leopard 10.5.2 (due any day now) should fix a BUNCH of bugs in Leopard, so iChat may work better then.

      If you want a PC to Mac video-conference, Skype is the most robust connection by far.

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        Thanks Cspanos. I'll try that. You are correct in him using AIM for his video chat and we kept getting the same errors.
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          I am strongly considering purchasing Apple's Time Capsule. This product will wirelessly sync with my iMac and back up the entire drive, including both operating systems. I was thinking that if the hard drive suffers a mechanical crash in the iMac, it would take me hours along with days to completely restore everything. $300 for the 500GB model should suffice. This device will probably work with Apple TV, so I am in a way purchasing for the future. My only concern is that the price may drop precipitiously.

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            That thing is nice but a little pricey, any NAS unit will work, the computer has the software to make easy backups, the newest OSX anyways, LeCei 500GB NAS is $185 1TB $220.

            I do like apple stuff better if I have the money but in this case idt it matters that much.
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