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    About every 5 minutes or so a window opens on my computer that says "Error Console". It lets me close it, but it just pops up again a few minutes later. Even if I minimize it, it pops up again. I'm on a MacBook. It happens when I use Opera and when I use Firefox. It doesn't mess up anything, it's just very irritating.

    The options it gives me include "Expand All", "Collapse All", "Close", or "Clear". I've tried them all but nothing makes it go away. I've also tried shutting down the computer.

    Any idea what this is and how I can get rid of it?

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    Never mind that - how about answering the pm I sent you about 3 years ago?

    No, I've no idea - sorry to invade your thread with crap.

    PS - did you get the Xmas card I sent you???


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      Or how about I send you the postcard I bought for you over a year ago?

      Yes, I got the lovely card you sent. Thanks so much! Check your pms in a bit!


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        You may be running Opera 9.0. The error console popping up unrequested is a problem in that release. Upgrading to a newer version will fix it. At least, it did for me.

        P.S. If you have a later version of Opera, instructions for changing the settings to deal with it are here:
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          Darn, I upgraded and it's still doing it.

          This is embarassing because I really should know how to do this, but how do I right/left click on the Error Console title bar when I don't use a mouse?


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            Okay, ctrl+click. Got that part.

            However, when I do that on the Error Console title, nothing happens. Ahhh! What am I doing wrong?


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              Anyone? I'm still having the problem.

              Earlier I said that it happens in Opera and Firefox. I was wrong. It only happens in Opera. I don't like using Firefox though.


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                Hi Shannon,

                The errors the console is reporting, are they website errors or mail account problems?

                If they are about websites, etc., it could be that your Opera is configured to show the error console on website errors. You could fix that by going to opera:config#Error%20Console%20Filter and clicking "default", then clicking "save".

                If they are mail errors, go to Tools > Mail and chat accounts and see if there any problems, like old accounts that are now inactive. The problem could be that Opera is set to check for mail automatically, say every 5 minutes, and it's finding inactive accounts. If that was hapening, you would click on "Incoming" for the inactive account and disable the setting "Check for new messages every # minutes"...

                Hope this helps.