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    It apears as if my computer doesn't want to start the hard drive. Upon pressing the button it lights up and just starts beeping. Any thoughts?


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    There are a "series of beeps" that when starting your system and a problem is recognized are heard as a troubleshooting code (one beep/six beeps/two beeps or a combination of beeps) from the OS. I know that the beeps mean something because mine had the same problem awhile back.

    Try the Micrososft site under troubleshooting ... I will try and find something specific for you.

    In the mean time perhaps someone with troubleshooting experience may be able to be more specific.

    What OS are you running? It may be something wth your operating system.

    Did you change any system settings in the last while?


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      Those beeps mean stuff. Do a google search for system beeps, and you'll get your answer.


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        You will need to know what BIOS you have to find the correct beep code translation.

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          These are called "POST" (power-on self test) codes from the motherboard, it's not related to the OS you are running, but the motherboard. It usually means some critical piece of hardware (usually the processor or memory in my experience) is not recognized or is not properly installed. Do a google search on your exact motherboard model and find the manual (if you don't have the original manual that is) and it will tell you what the number of beeps means.


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            Never too old...

            Originally posted by Zero
   will tell you what the number of beeps means.
            What a great thread. I've been dealing with PC's since 1981 and never knew this... Great information. Goes to show you are never too old to learn. Keep going guys. I find this thread facinating!
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