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Could someone tell me what this is?

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  • Could someone tell me what this is?

    I need someone to tell me what this is in English. LOL I can't understand this puter talk. I'm just wondering what it is for and why it is downloaded on my pc. I remember when I did it. Because someone sent me an email that was encrypted and I think that might be where that came from so I might delete it. Sorry I'm a puter dummy.
    I understand that you would like to know about Microsoft Internationalized Names Mitigations APIs.

    Please visit the following web link that will provide you the complete information:

    Mary, I hope the information provided above is helpful. If you have additional questions or concerns, please write back to us.

    Thank you for using Microsoft Products and Services.

    Have a nice day!

    Thanks, Mary
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    I was going to look really smart and be the first one to give you an answer. But, after looking at the link that's not going to happen! Best I can tell you is it's a thingie (technical term) to mitigate other thingies.

    At least I'm not going to school for computer science.



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      From what i've read, it's to properly translate a website if the sites not using normal text. And to check if there are nastys trying to violate you.

      An internationalized domain name (IDN) is an Internet domain name that (potentially) contains non-ASCII characters. Such domain names could contain letters with diacritics, as required by many European languages, or characters from non-Latin scripts such as Arabic or Chinese. However, the standard for domain names does not allow such characters, and much work has gone into finding a way around this, either by changing the standard, or by agreeing on a way to convert internationalized domain names into standard ASCII domain names while preserving the stability of the domain name system.

      IDN has, by the standards of the Internet, a long history; it was originally proposed in 1996 (by M. Duerst) and implemented in 1998 (by T.W.Tan et al). After much debate and many competing proposals, a system called Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) was adopted as the chosen standard, and is currently, as of 2005, in the process of being rolled out.

      In IDNA, the term internationalized domain name means specifically any domain name consisting only of labels to which the IDNA ToASCII algorithm can be successfully applied. (For the meaning of 'label' and 'ToASCII', see the section ToASCII and ToUnicode below.)
      This just helps you read porn better.


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        LOL I thought so, well i might not delete it then because I'd hate to not be able to read my porn.
        Thanks guys.
        I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
        Van Morrison


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          It'll make any site more secure... Just not porn... but it hasn't slowed me down.... Got any good sites? j/k btw.... bout site swapping that is.