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Light notebooks or ultraportables?

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  • Light notebooks or ultraportables?

    I'm currently using a 5.5 year old Dell Inspiron that must weigh 11 or 12 pounds. Aside from being almost impossible to lug around with the chair, I find I can't use it around the house like I'd like to. I can't really lie in bed with it or sit in a recliner, both because it is too heavy and it gets too hot. So I have to use it from the desk which means sitting in the chair which means my back as butt get sore...

    Anyway, anybody have suggestions for a really light notebook or ultraportable that's still got enough power to do engineering work? I use Linux as a desktop OS and VMWare extensively, so I can't really scrimp on processor or memory. I don't game on the computer though, so reasonably fast graphics and standard audio are okay (I'd like to at least try that new Compiz Fusion eyecandy). I will miss the 15.4" display but I know I'll have to settle for smaller, just hopefully not too small.

    Brief anecdote: Last week I was trying to wheel along a sidewalk with my mega-notebook in its bag on my lap when the bag started to slip to the side. I grabbed it with one hand but the shift in weight whirled me 90 degrees straight toward the road. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to drop the bag and grab the wheels, with my casters inches from a 6 inch curb on a busy street! So i guess you could say getting a lighter notebook is a matter of life and death!

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    I'm interested in what you find out, Zero. I have been thinking about ultraporable for quite a while. Right now I use an Asus w3v and a treo 650.



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      Sony TX or TN. Most incredible computer ever! Fact light and battery will last from LA to NY and then some. I have the TXN19P. I have had lots of laptops (1 every 2 years or sooner) since my old non color compaq in the early 90s. This is best by far. Sprint wireless, wifi, bluetooth, etc.


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        Maybe the Dell XPS M1330 will fit your requirements.
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          Originally posted by PN
          Maybe the Dell XPS M1330 will fit your requirements.
          Looks quite nice, $2498 as configured (ouch!) but that's what higher-end notebooks are going for nowadays I guess. I have to decide whether to push this with my employer now or wait a few more months to see if prices drop a bit.