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  • Wow

    Here's a little something that I found to be a "holy f*&% that's cool" type thing....

    So I'm doing the usual bottomless money pit routine with my computer installing this thing...

    and was in the process of wasting a day or three reloading the OS, drivers, and crap onto the new drive. Fresh install of Windows Media Player (version 11), check. C-Media driver, check. Make sure the sucker up some old favorites tunage, make sure the old standby 'visualization' is on....wait a minute! What the heck is this?

    Since when does WMP come with an awesome, let alone decent randomized high-res 'visualization'? On default no less?

    I dont recall "alchemy" being all that good, I used "battery" all the time before, but this possibly new "alchemy" is pretty awesome. I gotta say, total flashback time leaning back with the headphones on with this thing running full screen, damn.

    Might be worth a download from M$.

  • #2
    I still find G-Force is the best that I have found. No it's not free, like Microsoft's, but the visuals is just absolutely amazing. The SoftClouds, yet looks neat, just doesn't do the other justice.
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