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dell latitude cp/windows 98se/belkin wireless g notebook card

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  • dell latitude cp/windows 98se/belkin wireless g notebook card

    okay i got this old timer runnin...Aighttttt.

    finally got another 64mb ram installed so i'm at 128mb, which is max according to the documentation. thing is, it don't seem like nothing major has improved.

    right clik my computer an it's showin 128, everest is showin 128 so i'm assuming it's recognized an working. maybe i was expecting too much since i've read everywhere that "adding more ram is the best upgrade, performance wise you can give your comp".

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    It's a great upgrade for XP, as it is such a resource hog, but if youre running 95/98/ME, well, you see the effect. But now that thing can run XP, so maybe that would be a good upgrade path moving to the NT kernel. Much more stable I'd think.


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      Yha, It'll be faster if you browes around and it starts chaching in the ram.

      I'd still be wearey of XP on it. Maybe goto Win2000 as that can be gotten at the price you got 98


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        i think i might try the XP now, just to see if it'll run on there. got that cd. won't be much trouble since i've had to format an reinstall 98se.........ABOUT 10 DAMN TIMES, hahaha.

        if it won't run, i'll try an scout out win 2000. 98 an me......have never an don't seem like we're ever gonna get along.


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          NO ME,, NO NO NO NO theres a reason why XP came out 2 yrs after ME.


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            damn pat'b. i got it installin as we forumspeak, lol. i'll try it. if it don't werk i'll find 2000, ME or what-not, haha.

            dunno what i want worse.......a new wheelchair or a new laptop, HAHAHA.

            lol, nah's not a big deal. i don't have a job, it's thursday night an i aint got SH!T to do, HAHAHA.

            actually, that UBUNTU thread is soundin really enticing.


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              Meh, laptop from tigerdirect is under 500. What are you installing XP? that's fine if it works... I said no to ME.


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                ohhhh, i misunderstood. i'm reinstalling XP, messed up the other night, lol.

                i know i'll have to go an uninstall all that unuseful stuff in add/remove since this laptop has a tiny hard drive. i'll let ya know how it works.


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                  Isn't 128M a bit short for XP? It should run your browser and email, but make sure to use a lightweight antivirus like AVAST or AVG, not that crazy Norton Antivirus that gobbles up most of your computer's resources.


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                    Yeah, it will hit the hard drive up for virtual memory, but it might be a better tradeoff running that vs 98 or whatever. My first lappy was a 128mb model, I was thinking that should be plenty coming from 98...until I got it. But it still worked nonetheless if slowly. FWIW, that was while I was in rehab, my first laptop...I ordered the 2nd day I was there, needed internet!


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                      I think that you have nearly the same computer I have - got mine second (third?) hand from a friend's son as I lost my monitor which was in storage. Long story. Anyway, its a Dell Latitude CPt500 (500Mhz Celeron?) 12gig HD and only 96 megs of RAM. Like yours, I was told this one tops out at 128megs.

                      For (VERY) basic use it's OK - I have Win2000 Pro, and its no doubt better than WinMil. (I'm a computer idiot)

                      The main problem is simply that there isn't enough memory to run with any speed, and it seizes, slows down, sloooooooooows dooooooooooooownn, or most infuriatingly of all, hangs up to a fare-the-well. I can sometimes type whole paragraphs here without seeing a thing happen (murder on accuracy) and its simply maddening. Only smashed one mouse so far since I got this, but believe me, I've been sorely tempted to smash THIS sucker instead!

                      One of these days I'll get a MacBook or a decent modern laptop with enough memory to surf the Net and run at a reasonable speed. Then I might think about using this one for target practice or something

                      Another problem I think - does surfing the Internet demand more resources than it used to? Like plug-ins and whatever stuff gets connected to at a given URL? I can't help but think it slows things WAY down (memory)



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                        well, i didn't get as far as carecure with it, lol. was tryin to figure my wireless card an automatic updates popped up. i dl'd them an it seized, fatal error an wouldn't restart. tryin again with updates turned off. it seemed to be runnin ok, before the updates though. i know 128 is the min. with xp. i think this comp only has 2 gig hard drive though.

                        i always screw up somethin with 98, tryin to download the correct drivers so i'm screwed either way, haha.


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                          Tom.... his is only a 200Mhz.

                          For both of you, maybe want to toss a Linux.

                          Rollin, I think you ran out of room.


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                            Hey Patonb, did you have anything to do with this cover photo?

                            "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."


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                              Ahhhhhh Anime , Cartoon geeks sexual release!

                              I wonder if ComicBook guy has a stash behind Radioactive Man?