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    Thanks for the advice, Teyrn. But, my bf got the problem fixed with the help of Hewlett Packard in the end.
    But it's good to have useful posts like the ones in this thread in case we have more problems.


      Hey Bob, how's that new machine coming along? My machine is virtually broken, I'll be having a 'in memory of' service for it this afternoon, should you wish to attend, lol. I was 1/2 asleep and being a retard last night trying to clip off some heatshrink off a connector so I could plug something into it. Only thing the machine was still on, doooh. I think I bridged 12 and 5 volts this time rather than a simple short to ground which usually just shuts off the power supply with no damage (yep, this isnt the first time I was being an idiot). No POST, good thing I still have that XPS as a test bed to see what I fried. I hope it wasnt the MB, thats a PITA to change, not to mention $250. Nice unwanted project for today, ugggh.


        <cue bagpipes>

        Stripped down the MB as far as you can go, CMOS clear for good measure too, no POST, no beeps, and the northbridge doesnt heat either (which means it is in 'off' mode). Funeral services will commence sometime next week.

        In memorium...

        You may all point and laugh now. And some of you guys ask me for computer advice, lol.


          And as I continue to talk to myself here...all fixed. Spiffy new MB from the local store in its new home (actually cheaper than on-line amazingly enough). Thankfully it was just the MB. Note to self...dont be a retard


            Originally posted by Andy
            Hey Bob, how's that new machine coming along? My machine is virtually broken, I'll be having a 'in memory of' service for it this afternoon, should you wish to attend, lol. I was 1/2 asleep and being a retard last night trying to clip off some heatshrink off a connector so I could plug something into it. Only thing the machine was still on, doooh. I think I bridged 12 and 5 volts this time rather than a simple short to ground which usually just shuts off the power supply with no damage (yep, this isnt the first time I was being an idiot). No POST, good thing I still have that XPS as a test bed to see what I fried. I hope it wasnt the MB, thats a PITA to change, not to mention $250. Nice unwanted project for today, ugggh.
            Hi Andy,

            I shoulda gotten back to you sooner... I took a well deserved vacation yesterday and got a bit drunk. I have a self-imposed a rule against writing while intoxicated (WWI) and usually adhere to it.

            Sorry to hear about the early demise of such a nice board. Hey, those things ocassionally happen even to a professional like me. Actually just about every problem that you can run into assembleing one of these idiotic creations I ran into. But now that everything is fixed I feel lonely and useless with nothing to do! Hahaha. I'm using an upside down heavy duty cardboard box (my neighbor's wet-vac came in it) as a workbench. I now have my old Alienware (needed to extract the 2.6GHz processor from it... those fuckin' 478 PGA clips!) setting on a plastic chair blocking the front door. I hope a fire doesn't start in here... the upside is that the Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons can knock all they want!

            Since there's no fine woman laying next to me in bed at night (I have to bribe the greyhound with a couple Pupperoni treats just to jump up once in a while to say "woof") I was spending that time planning out the next step in the process. Keeping my mind occupied and since I don't have to be at work like you at any particular time I'd be working on her at all hours. But some things need to be done at a particular time of the day when the sun is just right. It's hard to hold a flashlight, screwdriver(s) or hammer (hammer, my favorite tool) and the computer case with one hand while holding onto my wheelchair with the other. I'm glad my teeth are still strong and healthy and my penis very long and dextrous!

            The object of my project is to use the parts that I already have here on hand to build the best computer I can for the least amount of money. I think I'm right on budget at around $260. I bought a beige case to match the beige breakout box so I was committed to the color. I prefer black but this is for my cousin and he doesn't care either way. The case only cost me $9.99 and I'm quite impressed with it. It will take all 4 (?) ATX factor motherboards so that was a plus and doesn't come with a PSU. Like you, I need a fairly high wattage PSU (580W) with at least one 6 prong PCI-e connector. Why do 90% of all cases come with a cheap-ass PSU that most builders are gonna toss away anyway?! I don't understand their reasoning other than like everything else in the commercial world, profit. It still baffles me though.

            The 478PGA with PCI-e mATX motherboard (that are rare and very hard to find) only cost me $50 at NewEgg. But I thought they sent me the wrong memory.... I'm glad I didn't take to the phone so quickly. I bought a kit of DDR 400 (PC 3200) speed memory and my BIOS showed it to be running only at DDR 333. I removed one module and it was the correct part #. Well, after some BIOS digging I found the setting for DDR 400 and now all is fine. I ran Prime95 on it for a couple hours and it's stable as can be. No blue screens or hiccups at all.

            It took me about 12 hours just to put the old heatsink and fan back onto the 6800 Ultra PCB. Since I didn't take it off (it's a 3 piece HSF, plus the board) I had no idea how to put it back together. The "professional" from Thunderbox included the HSF parts but must have lost a couple of screws. At least they were the two screws that didn't have the "built-on or in springs" so I luckily found two small screws with the correct threading that would fit into the fan and exactly 2 plastic washers to keep them from shorting out the PCB. If I needed a 3rd plastic washer I probably would have made one from something lying around here.... oh I don't know... maybe a piece of PCV off my front vertical blinds or what have you. This could be a much longer story because I should have extra screws since I have two 6800 Ultras but that isn't the case. When I give the other 6800 away I'll need to take a ride to the hardware store or something. But the two heatsinks still had thick moist thermal compound on them that was to connect thermally the 8 memory chips on the board. It was like someone was icing and freaking cake... it was everywhere. But on the one card they missed (at the nVidia factory) 4 of the memory chips... no thermal paste at all on them... clean as a nun's habit. No wonder that board ran 5 degrees hotter than the other. I could go on and on but I won't.

            A lot of my time was spent cleaning up the used parts from all the cigarette gunk and dust that accumulated on them over the past 2-3 years. If it's my computer I could care less what it looks like as long as it runs well... but when you're making a gift to someone you want it to look and smell nice.

            I've had the new computer online since last Thursday or Friday using the onboard video and audio. Funny, every computer I ever owned uses either the F1 or Delete key to enter the BIOS. I see that you have an Intel board... I have one in my Alienware (D850GB) and the BIOS is locked down tight... no OC'ing there at all and I found out that both the F1 and F2 keys would work but Alienware told everyone at their forums it was solely F1. Anyway, I had to go to the ASRock forums and after an hour or two I found out it was the F2 key. It doesn't say in the manual... duh. I knew that you only need a motherboard, processor, memory and a keyboard to enter the BIOS and I wanted this thing to POST before I went any further. It's an adventure and so far no big mistakes. When I saw the BIOS screen I was a very happy man.

            I think I need to RMA the Lite-On DVD/CD-R burner back to Geeks.... the damn thing sounds like a wood chipper when it's seeking something. If it's not seeking a file or whatever it works great installing everything and even plays music CDs at a normal decibel level. I haven't tried burning anything yet... I need to get some burning software... does that work in WMP 10? I'll have to screw around with that for awhile.

            Oh yeah, another funny incident. I was cleaning up both the HSFs, one for the processor and the other 3 piece deal for the video card. Alcohol scrubbing and then letting them drip dry outside in the sunny breezy weather so no foreign material like a piece of paper towel lint got on them. My house is a big mess but the thermal seal must be impeccable! So after spending the whole day assembling the video card I put it in the PCI-e slot and was beaming with pride. It was better now than when it left the factory... since they used the cheapo thermal paste and buttered it on the the GPU and memory chips etc. like they were building a brick wall. So I go to fire the baby up and nothing. Oh no, not another problem I said to myself. I thought maybe a conflict between the onboard video and the 6800 or whatever. It wouldn't even POST so I couldn't get into the BIOS. Another standstill.

            After an hour or more of troubleshooting and hand wringing I see (I've been looking but that's not the same as seeing!) that I forgot to put the processor and HSF assembly in! What a freaking idiot. I was so consumed with the video card that I forgot about the processor and heatsink that were drying outside in the beautiful sunny and breezy day. Anyway, I put them in and fired her up and BINGO. Vrrooom.

            I called the company that made my case... it doesn't have a name on it but the cable, that I thought was too short, did. So I talked to this really nice Korean or oriental sounding man named Dan. Hey, we're talking about a $9.99 case here! And he can't say enough great things about it. And he had a funny sense of humor too. With his accent it was hilarious. He said "That very good case... that case heavy... strong too. You could use that case as chair it so strong. We make no longer that case... it discontinue. But it a very good case... tell your friends....." This went on for like 15 minutes.. I almost fell outta my chair. As it turned out they didn't make a longer 9 pin USB cable (inside female cable... not the external type) but I found another 9 pin location on the board to get the two front USB ports working.

            The only thing that is incompatible between my motherboard and case it the "PowerOn" light. The case came with a three wire connector (only two wires on it) so it wouldn't fit on the two prongs of the MB. I was gonna cut the wires and solder them onto another connecter but then the lightbulb when on above my head (very dim one) and I took a pair of wire cutters and the plug cut into two pieces perfectly. I was kinda shocked that I lucked out like that. But even after I put them on the prongs where they were supposed to go the PowerOn light just stays on all the time unless I turn off the PSU or pull the plug. There are 3 solder spots (no prongs) on the board that say "Power Switch" that would fit the plug perfectly (before I cut it) but I'm afraid I might burn something out with my rather large soldering iron if I try to connect the wires there. Anyway, so I pulled them off and trust me... with those loud fans they'll be no mistaking if it's on or off! I'm thinking about (I'll leave it up to my cousin) unplugging the front fan that's pushing air into the case... that's an option anyway. Most computers just have exhaust fans and pull the air through the case. I have a matching one (80mm) in the back and along with the dual PSU fans thought it would work out well... you want a negative air pressure in the case and I thought that a 3 to 1 ratio would be about right. One fan pushing in and three exhausting out. Whatever my cousin decides he wants to do. I haven't put the sides on the case yet since it's been completed so don't know how loud it will actually be.

            I'm still waiting on my cousin to send me his 2 year old but never used WD 160GB hard drive. I have WinXP Pro with SP-2 slipstreamed with all the updates incorporated in it (updates as of the 12th) on a small 10GB partition of my 120GB Seagate backup hard drive and it runs great. If you'd like a copy PM me. No WGA on it and it doesn't need to be "activated". That took me a full day to figure out how to do it.

            So my project has worked out fine so far. I hate RMA'ing the DVD burner back since it works fine but it really isn't running properly. I'm talking that it's LOUD!

            Sorry to hear that you fried a mainboard but happy to hear that you found a cheaper replacement. Most people wouldn't have accepted responsibility and RMA'd it back to the company for another one. It's a common practice that you read about at the OC forums. According to my readings there, 95% of all mainboards are shipped faulty!!! Fess up and pay for your mistakes you cheap-ass bastards. They make the price of the boards cost more for the honest builders.

            After building a computer it becomes even more apparent how cheap you can buy a pre-built one for. Especially ones that are discounted because they're discontinued or for whatever reason. Buying a decent computer with a monitor and an OS for $299 or even $499 etc. is a bargain. If I paid myself minimum wage for all the hours I put into building this computer, it would be worth $4,000 or more! And that's not counting the time ordering the parts and I haven't even started the "clean up" yet or packing it up for shipping to Hawaii. I have more of those packing peanuts on my carpeting than I care to count. They're too big for the vacumm cleaner to suck up so I guess I'll need to pick them up one by one. Oh joy. And my living room box garden is now officially a farm.... just like my garage.

            Well that's about it. Right now I have the "virtual memory" set to let Windows control it. Must stay on topic.

            "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


              Great story, that will virtually stay in my memory for a long time. Photos!

              Now that you had the practice run, any thoughts on making a showpiece of some sort? I keep thinking of this, but just dont want to spend the money replacing perfectly good parts (unless I start breaking them again).

              Accepting responsibility, ha, that lasted for about 1 day. This morning I was thinking...hey, that board has a 3 year warranty on it. So I called up Intel and told them, 'yup, I went to turn it on, didnt work'. They didnt ask if I was going after wiring within the machine with some wire cutters while it was running in the minutes prior to my discovery, so I didnt tell them. Tommorrow I have to call them up with the serial number as I didnt have it with me, and they will RMA it. So now I will have a spare board. I think this is actually a conspiracy on the part of Intel to get me to buy another CPU from them. Only thing is I cant think of what I need another computer for. I could return the RMA'ed board to the store I bought the new one from for a very roundabout type scheme, still thinking of that maybe. Or maybe keep it in stock in case of another act of brazen stupidity? Or take that Dell XPS and strip the P4 out of it (pretty sure it has a 775 socket chip in it), and the rest of the parts in that machine as well, get a Lian Li A05 (I think it is cute and tiny), another power supply to fit that, use the pile of air cooling parts I used for a whole month building the Super Lazy Man machine, and have a nice P4 that will be subjectively nicer than the XPS gathering dust on the workbench. But that leads to...will that machine gather dust as well? Accck. Or I could use that board as a 'lets see how fast things can go before they blow up' test bed using those new cheap high-multiplier, low FSB C2D's Intel recently released, hmmm. We'll see what transpires. Gotta love this hobby, eh? I guess I got back up and running again quickly enough, quite the scare thinking worst case senarios.


                Oh yeah, I dunno if you have an IKEA by you, but they sell some nice "build your own" kit-type tables for cheap there. Height adjustable for nice and high wheelchair-table interface, and cheap enough you dont care if you trash it using it as a work bench. Might come in handy!

                My little shop of horrors:
                (I had to take a shot of the swap for posterity, lol)


                  Come on guys, lets stick on topic. This forum started out as a virtual memory question
                  C4 incomplete since 1985


                    Hi Andy,

                    You've committed the unpardonable sin of stretching the page with your photo. Eternal damnation to Dante's Inferno!

                    So you're gonna pass the buck back to Intel. I probably woulda done the same with ASRock but I got lucky on my first build.

                    I live by a double standard I guess. It's okay to "steal" intellectual property such as software and music but not RMA an accidental slip of the screwdriver on a piece of hardware! It never hurts to have an extra mainboard lying around and if you so decide, build another dust collector from it. Hey, it could also make a nice birthday or early Christmas gift to someone in your family or to a good friend.

                    I'll take some photos of my first build when I get a camera. It's on its way from HI now with the hard drive. It's only a 1.5MB camera but should get the job done. I can't figure out how to use a cell phone... uh oh, a digital camera. It'll keep me busy for a day learning how to use it. I'll need to crop out any overages of my living room though... I'm too embarrassed of it! My cuz is only sending his extra (but still unused) WD 80GB HD. He can't find the WD 160GB.... sounds like my house and the story of my life. I can't find a damn thing in my house. I always put things in a safe place... you know, a place never to be found again except by accident.

                    When he finds it he can easily slave it up and use that for the video editing that he does. He's a shutterbug of sorts. He has a young son so wants to video him growing up. My father did that with an old 8MM camera... the films were eventually put onto VHS tape but I've never seen them. I keep forgetting to ask my Mom for them so I can put them on DVD.

                    I'll take a few pics of the rat's nest in the case that's so strong one can "use it as a chair". Then I'll tidy it up with some plastic ties and hopefully the DVD/CD burner will be back from RMA'ing from Geeks and I'll take some more pics of the finished project. It's still in the case now but I hope to RMA it tomorrow. What a pain RMA'ing is. Oh well.

                    I'm writing this from the new computer now... I really like it. And it flies MS' Combat Flight Simulator 3 pretty well. Better than my Alienware (originally bought with a 1.3GHz) with the 2.6GHz processor and Radeon 9700 Pro in it did. The processor was attached using a PowerLeap adapter (PL_P4/N) that allowed me to put the 478PGA processor on my 423PGA Intel D850GB board. The 423PGA had a top processor speed of 2.0GHz but they were expensive and even hard to find. I eventually bought one and then upgraded again to the 2.6GHz. I just can't stop fiddling around. Do I have OCD? Anyway, it cut the FSB speed down to 400MHz... the speed of the board, holding back some of the speed of the processor. Plus the 6800 Ultra is a much faster card than the 9700 Pro. And the Intel D850GB used that expensive RD-RAM (RAMBUS) and I had all four slots filled with only 128MB modules (512MBS). I couldn't bring myself to buy more outdated (although fast) RD-RAM because I'd have to throw away the four good 128MB modules to get up to a GB. RD-RAM only runs in pairs. Life is just one dilemma after another!

                    Here's a pic of the camera I'll be using. That's my handsome nephew Danny (second cousin) taking the photo. I used MS Paint and just cut the photo down to 40%. Stretch and Skew. Hint, hint.

                    Take some photos of your new build. I should have ordered some round IDE cables but like I said, I'm trying to do this on the cheap. I need to buy a pair of 8800 GTS' next month and I'm a poor, non-working, lazy, good for nuttin' bum.

                    Originally posted by Andy
                    Oh yeah, I dunno if you have an IKEA by you, but they sell some nice "build your own" kit-type tables for cheap there.
                    That would be piled high with junk in about a month. I need to do a much needed house cleaning.... I mean back the truck up to the front and garage door and start filling it up! Probably 2 to 3 trips to the local dump would get the job started.


                    Originally posted by Andy
                    Now that you had the practice run, any thoughts on making a showpiece of some sort?
                    Maybe in a year or two. After I get the 8800 GTS' in my XFuel it should be good for awhile. When some new "breakthrough" in computer technology comes about it should make it worth the effort and money. Like some fast "virtual memory". On topic now?

                    I need some new carpeting and tile in my house so that will keep me broke for some time. Oh, and paint.

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                    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


                      Originally posted by crppled007
                      Come on guys, lets stick on topic. This forum started out as a virtual memory question
                      Just what would YOU like to know about virtual memory that hasn't already been discussed to death?
                      "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


                        Well, the next big leap might be the end of this year, I hear about a new 45nm technology Intel will be putting out, should be even quicker and cooler than that 65nm technology the C2D's have now. That should be interesting considering how stupid cool the C2D's run now. On a lark I ran the new board with no overclock at stock voltage and 2.4ghz with the water cooling and was quite amazed that it ran at 45C with Orthos (dual Prime). Not too shabby considering that at 3.6ghz the thing idles at 40-43C. Doing that the GPU was the hot item in the loop when loading the GPU as well. It actually ran hotter than the CPU at ~52C or so. I was kind of wondering how the GPU was supposed to be the higher wattage type of unit when the CPU seemed pretty toasty also...true if you dont OC it. I have what is known as a "B" chip, which according to internet rumor those will go fast on lower voltages compared to "A" chips, but draw more current resulting in more heat. Bragged about voltages on the 'net seem to confirm that theory, I can do 3.6ghz at 1.3875 volts which is quite low compared to other's results, but heat is an issue that I was chasing after for some time. Others can do the same speed but at 1.5volt with an air cooler (not sure what their temps are though, but 1.5 volt is definately not do-able with an air cooler on mine. But I guess if you have the cooling capacity, B chips can do well at goofy speeds without exceeding Intel's 1.55volt maximum "or else" spec on the C2D's unlike the A chips. I got 3.8ghz on 1.51 volt, but not Orthos stable there, I didnt try too much as the voltage scaling was getting up there, and I really didnt care too much. I have bragging rights at 3.7ghz Orthos forever stable for various message board databases at 1.4375 volts, so I'm good. 24/7 I leave it at 1.3875 volt/3.6ghz. For reference, the stock voltage spec for my chip is 1.3250volt. In case youre thinking 'that's not such a big difference'...I did some calculations with a generally used formula at the 3.6 speed/voltage I run and came up with 107 watts thermal output at that speed, compared to Intel's design spec of 65 watts it is kind a boost for a 50% overclock.

                        Wow, that went off on a tangent! Nothing like a pot of coffee to get the mind rambling, eh? lol.

                        Oh yeah, cameras. 1.5 meg is fine anyway. I kind of wonder about these massive megapixel units with obscene picture sizes. For general usage on a computer or internet, you have to shrink them down, so 1.5 should be fine for a 1024x768 photo. Sorry about stretching the screen on you, all my monitors are at 1920x1200, and I keep my camera at 1024x786, but I guess it can blast someone using a lower res than I do at times, oops.

                        I am wondering, do you think that some more virtual memory would help with not stretching your screen when I post one of my photos?