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infrared remote control that is controlled by my computer

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    Now that's a great idea! Thanks a lot Baller, I'll have you checked that out

    Originally posted by BigTexasBaller
    I Have a Solution that I use Its for under $120.00 I have a USB-UIRT (UIRT stands for Universal Infrared Receiver Transmitter) Its from It Costs $55.00 + $8.00 s&h And The Software I use is called IRCommand2 its Universal Remote Control Software for the PC its from It Costs $34.95 I control the computer with a handheld trackball mouse from It Costs $16.95 I use this hardware and software setup on a dedicated computer on a shelf above my television.
    Any questions? feel free to ask them.
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      Originally posted by crppled007
      That's pretty much what I'm looking for, you said, only with a few limitations, what limitations have you shown with it?
      Sorry for the late reply, I don't think you will see any limitations with the new version. The older one only works with serial ports so I could not use it with my laptop or some of the newer machines which didn't have the port. The newer version with the USB should take care of that. At the time I purchased, probably four years ago, it didn't have a lot remote codes built in and it takes some time to program if you needed to learn each key for lots of different devices. Once it's set up, it's very easy to use and works well. Good luck.


        He needs to be able to import the CCF code files for the remote control. So you don't have to program each but, also wish I had round, but instead of just square
        C4 incomplete since 1985