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  • eliminating Logon

    Ever since I got my PC I was able to start it without having to logon. For some reason or other recently the program has required me to logon as an administrator. Did one of Microsoft's security updates force that to happen or was it something I did?

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    Same deal. I also assumed that it was a security update.


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      If you install MS' NET. Framework (ver. 1.1 or 2.0) it will create another user named "aspnet_wp or ASP.NET Machine Account" making you logon. Just remove it from the Control Panel under "User Accounts". Make sure you remove the right one or you'll be screwed.

      I think NET. Framework ver. 1.1 is in XP's Service Pack 2. Maybe you inadvertently upgraded to ver. 2.0 and it installed the "aspnet_wp or ASP.NET Machine Account" again.

      Probably a good idea to create a new Restore Point before removing it just in case. My sister removed the wrong account and I had to format and clean install XP for her!

      That's the only thing that ever made me need to logon. Before removing it read this first:

      I use NET. Framework for my voice recognition program and it runs fine after removing the "aspnet_wp or ASP.NET Machine Account".
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        what "program is requiring you to logon"?
        Do you mean when you first start windows?


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          Yes it is when I first start windows.


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            I checked my user accounts and all that's there is my account and the guest account which is off. I clicked the option "change the way users log on or off" and I got the dialog box shown below. I searched the C drive for this file but it wasn't found.


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              If you Google GTGina.dll you'll find a lot of people screaming over this. There are a few workarounds but no real satifactory solution. It has to do with the Linksys USB Wireless Adapter WUSB54GC.

              Originally posted by Linksys Customer Support

              Thank you for contacting Linksys Customer Support.

              I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Based on your e-mail, since you have installed the WUSB54GC adapter, you were not able to see the Windows login screen.

              This is normal since the software of the adapter supports LEAP security. For more information on why this happened to your computer, you can check this link:


              For more information on our products, please visit

              Please feel free to send us an e-mail at for any questions or suggestions that you may want us to know.
              Check HERE! The above URL is fubarred.
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                Thanks, Bob. The reason I didn't find the file was because my old eyeballs didn't see the letter i in the file name. (I was searching for GTGna.dll) I found this solution on the Linksys website and I'm going to try that today.

                1. Downloaded the driver from the website and saved it on the hard drive. Ran the download to unzip the file to a set location.
                2. Unplugged the USB device.
                3. Opened Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and removed the software for Compact Wireless G USB Adapter
                4. Restarted the computer.
                5. Plugged in the USB device.
                6. When windows asked about the drivers for the new USB device browsed to the location of the drivers previously downloaded and unzipped.
                7. Device installed, connected to network and put in security codes.
                8. Now no problems, no stopping on startup for a password!

                Edit - Just finished the procedure - everything is back to normal!
                Last edited by Brian S; 12-31-2006, 02:42 PM.


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                  Good Brian,

                  When I turn my computer on I want to go straight to the desktop. Screw that login stuff. If I had kids or other people using my computer on a regular basis that would be another story.

                  It seemed like it was even worse with the software program that comes with the Linksys WUSB54GC adapter but that's the price paid for the added LEAP security.

                  Some people really screwed their computers up messing around in the registry and in the Win32 folder removing entries and files trying to fix that problem.

                  Linksys should have put a big red WARNING on their software program before the installation process began and changing the way a person logs onto their computer. And then forcing them to search for answers.. some okay, some bad... on the Internet.

                  They (the security gurus) say you should always create a user account to use while online that doesn't have "Aministrative Rights" but then you need to logon. So I'll just have to trust that my firewall and AV program will protect me from those nasty Internet hooligans.

                  You'll be starting out the New Year with one less hassle. Good for you.

                  I never make New Year's resolutions but I'm in need of new glasses myself so hopefully will get them soon.

                  Happy New Year Brian or as I call it, "Amateur Night"!

                  "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria