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    Well you won't here from me for a couple of days as I go through my reformatinig process. I did have back up files on a different drive, but unfortunately the viruses found there way there to. I thought I did everything right as far as setting up the software, but there is always a chance that I may have made a mistake. Rest asured that any files I bring in from the other drive to the newly formatted drive will be virus checked before I use them.


      Originally posted by CapnGimp
      As far as MAIL problems, I use MAILWASHER PRO and check my mail ON THE POP SERVER and delete spam and virus containing messages BEFORE I open my mail program to download them to my computer. It is the SAFE way to go.

      I also suggest using MULTIPLE PARTITIONS when you do set up the hard drive, and this will solve a lot of cross infection problems also. Only put the operating system(windows) on a partition by itself, 6 or 7 gigs is all I use and MOVE the MY DOCUMENTS folder to another partition.
      Hi Capn'

      I've been using MailWasher v. 1.3 for years... maybe 5 or more? It's a great little program that lets you delete crap (and bounce back) from your POP server before it even gets into your computer. I've tried v. 2.0 for awhile but for some reason, when I got my current computer, just went back to v. 1.3. I should send that fellow in New Zealand a few bux... the cheap bastard that I am. I talked my sister into sending him $10 and I was gonna follow suit but......!

      I have 2 hard drives in my computer. My main 74gb Seagate SATA 10,000RPM for my active C and OS.... but I've heard that XP needs a little more wiggle room than 6 or 7gbs to function well as it was designed for larger hard drives so I allocated 20gbs for it.... who knows. I have plenty of room on both my HDs.... like 80% free space. Clean, lean and mean.

      Then I always add a 4-6gb D partition for my static swap/paging file/virtual memory and the rest (E) for my gaming partition of 34gbs. Just 3 partitions on my primary drive.

      I usually have my second hard drive installed (I also use it in my backup computer when this one needs servicing) and I use a 4-6gb D partition on that 120gb Seagate IDE 7200RPM for my static swap/paging file/virtual memory.... since it's on another channel it's supposed to be a little faster. Hmmm?? But with 2gbs of system memory it doesn't get much use anyway.

      I like storing all static files like exes, pics, videos, mp3s, etc. on my secondary or slaved HD. I used to have 6 partitions on it but have whittled it down to just 4. That way all that extraneous stuff doesn't intermingle with my active programs/games/sims and saves me a lot of time cleaning up my primary disk and defragging it enabling it to run a bit faster. And I have access to them when I need to use that HD in my backup computer or when I format and clean install the OS on primary active C. No need to save anything onto CD-Rs or wherever.

      Whenever you're trying to rid your computer of viruses etc. you should always turn off System Restore and remove all Restore Points. And of course research them on the Internet if you find out their name... some need complicated manual removal. What a pain in the ass those virus writers are. I've never had a bad one that I couldn't remove but I'm cautious about what I do and where on the Internet I go etc. I used to keep my System Restore off all the time too as well as File Indexing (for speed) but I've gotten lazy and it might save me from having to format and clean install XP. I only keep it turned on now for my active C partition.

      It only takes an hour or so to format and clean install XP but well over a week to get everything back to the way I like it. And I only have 6 or 7 games/sims installed but all those little things like setting up the mail program, the AV, firewall, WinZip, EndItAll2, RegCleaner, Ad-Aware, voice recognition, etc. etc. takes a long time. The words of Janis Joplin "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone" comes to mind!

      I don't bother with Linux since my favorite combat flight sim doesn't work with it. I could put it on another partition and use it for web activity but I'm a risk taker at heart... and a good formatting and clean install should be done every once in awhile anyway. Sometimes getting a bad virus can be a good thing... it forces you to format and clean install and clear out all the bullshit that accumulates over time that you never use, getting your computer back up to speed. I backup my email every week or so just in case. I have all my emails from over 7 years ago or longer. It's my diary of sorts in the event of my sudden death. Like anyone would be interested! Or know what/where they are and import them.

      Live and learn eh?

      "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


        mike have you tried having avast do a boot time virus scan? open the virus console and then at the top of the virus console press the ^ button and there you can schedule a boot time virus scan. This will detect and delete virus before they have a chance to be loaded at the start of windows. if this doesn't work then you will be better off following CaptnGimp's advice


          I have already taken CapnGimp advice and reformated my drive. I did try the boot scan you suggested and like many of my previous attempts the virus was eliminated only to come back again. Hopefully now with my new clean drive I won't have to go through this again for a while


            Just remember not to be connected to the internet until you have installed anti-virus software and at least enabled the windows firewall or you will get infected again. The first time you are connected to the internet spend the time it takes to download and install ALL of the windows updates for your OS. Once that is done you are safe to install all your 3rd party software.


              Thanks Teryn. Fortunately my reload when off without a hitch with no new viruses. Still wish I could figure out how I got them in the first place.