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    Originally posted by chick
    Do gamers mostly play alone in their darkened rooms alone with cold rotting pizza boxes piling up in the corner...?

    or is there socialized gaming type thing, that's NOT an internet forum or some gamer convention?

    Where do you gamers hang out? Best Buy? CompUSA?

    If you combat flight sim Lock On: Modern Air Combat or its upgrade Flaming Cliffs 1.2A you go to HyperLobby. You can download the server/client software here:

    Lots of simmers there use TeamSpeak software so you can talk to everybody simming or just to your side. Or to a particular wingman if you have one. Not everyone speaks English so it gets kinda funny, like the Tower of Babel.

    Or you can waste time and type as in real time chat.

    Most game producers like EA Sports and UBI have their own gaming forums. And you can fly, race or whatever game you have such as NASCAR Racing or Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf and play with others and compete. I only combat flight sim and golf a little bit online but it's fun. I used to race Indy, GTR and NASCAR cars but that got boring.... going round and round and round.........

    I don't eat when I sim or play e-golf so there are no pizza boxes to pile up but getting drunk helps. My poor keyboard and "joystick".

    Not as fun as motorcycling and fuckin' used to be but whatja gonna do?
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


      Bob, thanks for bringing up that panel connector, it came up in my research of this idea, but apparently I totally forgot about it. On my XPS (Gen 4) this apparently is an issue. Looks like that reuse the case idea just got nixed for good, getting a little to involved. It would save some bucks though, $300 for a fancy silverstone case with nice quiet 120mm fans (I heard rumor that the Lian Li 120 mm fans were noisier), $150 for a quiet super effecient seasonic power supply, then the $750 for the cpu/board/memory. At these price levels might as well go with a nice OC-able chipset (add 150), get even better memory (add 100), then trade in that GTS for the GTX with EVGA's trade in program (and more money). Accck, where does the madness end? Of course that HDTV that could take advantage of this runs around $2500, add a couple hundred more for the stand for that...ok, time to enjoy my nice speedy P4 I got right now I guess, LOL. Interesting observation on the 3dmark liking multiple cores...I gotta look at published game benchmarks now to compare. I guess I'll stick with what I got for a while longer, I've got some things around the house that need money more than a not really necessary computer/tv upgrade. Fun to think about though!

      Originally posted by chick
      Do gamers mostly play alone in their darkened rooms alone with cold rotting pizza boxes piling up in the corner...?
      That's the last time I'm inviting you over to check out my palacial estate.


        Well Andy..i see a lot of thought has gone into your next project..just waiting for the grant from Mr Bush so you can go from stage 1 (Planning) stage 2 (the mad scientist in the basement) ?? lol ..


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